Why You Should Book a 2021 WDW BASIC Package NOW!

walt disney world May 12, 2020

We're living in strange times, friends. Disney parks have been closed for nearly two months and we don't yet have an opening date for nearly all of them. So many of our trips have been canceled and we are incredibly anxious to get back "HOME".

For most, that means a trip next year. Either because we just can't fit a trip into our schedules this year or we want to wait until the effects of covid-19 disburse enough so that social distancing is a choice, not mandated. But what can we do now to plan for next year? BOOK A BASIC PACKAGE FOR 2021!

Historically, packages for the following year aren't available to be booked until sometime in June. THIS year, the Walt Disney Travel Company is mixing things up! Knowing that 2021 was already going to be a banner year for park visits with it being the 50th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort and now with leagues of people rescheduling their trips from this year to next, something had to be done.

Let me introduce you to the Basic Package. In short, it's like securing your resort room with the future ability to add tickets and dining to your reservation when pricing is released. When will pricing be released? Not sure. But with this placeholder option, it's one less thing to worry about because your vacation is secured!

Listen, I'm not going to sugarcoat it, TONS of people want to visit during the 50th Anniversary, so inventory at your HOME Resort will likely be very limited. The longer you wait to book, the more limited it becomes. I would never steer you wrong friends, if you know you want to go, BOOK IT NOW. Let me break it down...

1. Contact your travel agent or complete this quote form to get started on booking your BASIC PACKAGE. You can make reservations for check out days that fall within the next 499 days.

2. All that is required is a $200 (fully refundable deposit up until 30 days prior to your check-in date).

3. This option varies from a ROOM ONLY reservation in that a ROOM ONLY would require a full one night's stay deposit. Very often more than $200. And if you wanted to add tickets and dining at a later time, a room only reservation would need to be canceled and re-booked as a package.

4. Once dining and ticket prices become available to the public, those elements can be added at that time. If the total package price is more than you are comfortable with, the reservation can easily be canceled and your deposit refunded.

5. Any promotions that become available AFTER you book your BASIC PACKAGE can be applied to your reservation if applicable. So there is no risk to booking now.

6. Guarantee your HOME resort or your CHOICE resort for your stay and the room price. Yes, the promotion guarantees the room price.

I always recommend using a travel professional, but truly, now more than ever I strongly urge you to. Our agents are the greatest FREE thing you'll ever get from Disney. They pay us to make sure your vacation is the best it can possibly be. We work tirelessly to secure hard to snag dining reservations and FastPass+ selections so you don't have to stress about it. With some new protocols likely in place and more exciting new experiences available, you'll want a pro by your side helping you plan!

Moral of the blog...if you plan to visit Walt Disney World in 2021, contact us today about securing your reservation with the Basic Package Offer! Mention BASIC PACKAGE OFFER in the comments section of the form. Let's get your Disney vacation on the books!!



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