Disneyland for a WDW Veteran

Jul 22, 2021

“To all who come to this happy place – welcome.” After more than 30 trips to Walt Disney World, I finally made my first visit to Disneyland. I waited over 30 years for it, and it was well worth the wait. I knew I would go back again, but little did I know that Covid would delay things longer than I expected. I did a lot of research prior to the first Disneyland vacation, so I knew there were key differences as well as many similarities. A few of my observations about Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom vs Disneyland:


When I told people I would be going to Disneyland, every single person I talked to said the same thing: “You know the castle is a lot smaller, right?” Yes, Sleeping Beauty Castle is considerably smaller, but it is THE original castle. This castle stands at 77 feet, while Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle is 189 feet. Even with the size difference, I stood in awe at the beginning of Main Street, U.S.A. This was Walt’s...

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July's Box is Pedal to the Metal FUN!

Jul 22, 2021

Truth bomb, I have JUST returned home from Disney World. (As in not even 48 hours ago, you're familiar with that level of sadness, right?) I was on the plane coming home, the post-Disney trip blues already starting to wash over me and I had that moment where I thought, "How can I be excited about planning trips when my own trip is already in the bag?! I know, I know, selfish, first-world problems, but I'm nothing if not honest. Then...I saw that precious blue box sitting on my counter. WHAT A TREAT to come home to my Plussing It Launch Box! (Cue the angels singing...)

It's some kind of crazy kismet that these monthly boxes somehow always know exactly what I need each month, even before I know! Over the last few months, every box has had a couple of things that I have been DESPERATE to restock because they are just SUCH clever items. However in this month's box...EVERY item fits that bill. I need more, more, MORE...MORRRRE!

On our way home from Disney, we were plotting our...

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The Party of the Century!

Jun 26, 2021

The Walt Disney World Resort turns 50 this year and they are knocking this party out of the theme park ALL YEAR LONG! Be a part of history and visit during the World's Most Magical Celebration!

Beginning October 1, 2021, new and exciting experiences abound throughout the entire resort. Let our trusted partner travel experts at Destinations to Travel be your planning partner to ensure you get the absolute MOST out of your days at Walt Disney World. 

GET A FREE QUOTE HERE (seriously, no obligation to book-but their services are free when you do, so really, why not?)

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June is the HOTTEST Box to COOL Off With!

Jun 07, 2021

I have such a love/hate relationship with summer. I claim to love it, I wish for it all year long, I even rub it in winter's face all season long how much I miss and love summer. Then summer comes, and like clockwork (or sun dial work) I am the FIRST to complain about the heat. I still inevitably will visit Walt Disney World this summer even if it means sweating bullets from every last pore...but it's SUMMER! I have to! Longer days, funky tan lines, ice cream for dinner and just a more laid back frame of mind are all things I LOVE about summer. This June Launch Box was the perfect blend of summery fun without all the sweaty messiness. 

I love how this month was bundled up, swaddled like my own little bundle of Travel Agent love. (Let's make Christmas in June a thing, because that's what tearing into that tissue felt like!) Okay, maybe it's obnoxious, but BECAUSE I DO have a trip coming up in less than a month I looked this box over and thought, "Ohhhh yeahhhh, that's...

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Gideon's Bakehouse: What You Need to Know

May 10, 2021

You’ve, no doubt by now, heard about this new cookie place in Disney Springs. Gideon’s Bakehouse came on the scene in January 2021 and people have been singing their praises ever since. I mean, a ½ pound cookie? Yes, please! Because of the popularity, there should be some strategy involved if you plan to visit. In fact, I have 3 pieces of info that I think everyone needs to know.

The Line

This is probably the #1 item for anyone interested in visiting Gideon’s Bakehouse. Because it is a must-do for so many, the line can become VERY long. There really isn’t physical space for such a long line, so Gideon’s uses a virtual queue most days.

My advice: head straight there when you arrive at Disney Springs. If it isn’t crowded enough for a virtual queue, you will be allowed to line up and enter the bakery. If there is a virtual queue, though, there will be an employee or two outside with tablets taking your contact info. They will take your name...

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What Makes the Grand Floridian GRAND? Part 2

May 10, 2021

In Part 1 of ‘What Makes the Grand Floridian GRAND’, we talked about walking paths, Christmas decor, the spa, and rooms with a view. In Part 2, you are in for even MORE amazing reasons to visit or stay at this spectacular resort.

Lobby: The sights, the sounds, the smells. There is nothing grander than the lobby of the Grand Floridian. Once upon a time, you could enjoy an orchestra nightly and a piano player throughout the day. I’m still holding onto hope that these entertainers will eventually return. In the meantime, you can relax while waiting for your room or dining reservation in any of the super comfy chairs and couches. Be sure to take a look at the gems like the giant birdcage, elevator, and grand staircase. Also, be sure to take in the scents even through your masks. I’ve searched high and low for candles that represent the lobby smell. I’ve come close, but not yet found “the one.” Leave a comment if you found the perfect match for...

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You MAY Just LOVE This Launch Box Review!

May 03, 2021

May is a month full so so many possibilities, the whole "April Showers" thing is over with and we can focus on the May flowers part. Possibilities are BLOOMING, the school year is winding down, the weather is warm, summer vacations are becoming more and more tempting to us AND to our travel clients. The days are longer, the sun is out and I just received my ah-MAY-zing Plussing It Launch Box, life is indeed GOOD! Just in time for an uptick in travel momentum, we MAY just be turning the corner for real folks! 

It's true that I subscribe to this box predominantly to gain fresh ideas on how to spoil my travel guests and entice new guests to take a walk on the wild side, by trusting and booking with this agent. (I know it's hard to believe that all of this travel booking goodness is free.) Each month when I open the Launch Box, there's a healthy amount of give and take happening...not this month. Nope, every single morsel of fabulousness is staying right here with me. (It's really...

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