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5 Big Fears Travel Agents Have About Live Video

Overcoming the Fear of Going Live: A Guide for Travel Agents

The fear of the unknown is what keeps us travel agents from doing live video, right? The “what ifs”. I’m here to tell you that eventually, SOMETHING will not go as planned when you are live on camera. It’s OK, it happens to literally EVERYONE at some point. I have had the lion’s share of mishaps and you are about to benefit from some of my most embarrassing moments…at least to date. Inside the Agent Prep Program I talk a lot about the “rookie mistakes” I’ve made and proudly. Mistakes are how we learn, how we evolve, become better and more successful.

Top 5 Live Video Challenges Every Travel Agent Faces

Below are five of the most feared live video hiccups and how I’ve learned to handle them without wanting to shut down my business and never show my face again. I expect there are many more on-camera bloopers in my future and that’s totally fine, because it’s REAL. Who’s perfect? Nobody. When your viewers can relate to you as a human just like themselves, you’re making a connection that immediately strengthens your relationship. Which if you don’t already know, is the goal! The strongest foundations are built on rock solid, trusting relationships. Going live on camera, talking to your audience, letting them in and sharing real moments together is going to be a GAME CHANGER for your travel business. Don’t let these bumps in the road slow you down:

Mistakes Happen: How to Handle On-Air Bloopers

Nobody Can Hear/See You– This has happened more than once! Double check your camera/microphone settings and
if you have an external camera/microphone, be sure your streaming service is using the right one. But to AVOID this, set
up a private social account where only you and maybe a couple of admins are members, for the sole purpose of testing
equipment before you go live. I use a Facebook page where only I and a few of my admins can view the content, to do a
system check before going live. An ounce of prevention and all that…

Why Saying Something Wrong Isn’t the End of the World

You Say Something Wrong– If during the replay, you notice that you misspoke, don’t delete the video. Instead,
comment on the video with a CORRECTION: and simply clarify the error. You’re human, it happens. Don’t ignore it, just
own up to it and correct it.

You Drop a Word You Didn’t Mean To– Unless your audience is comprised of young children, this isn’t the big deal it
may seem. If you use language that might be offensive and you didn’t intend to, own up to it, apologize for it and move
on. In most cases, your audience is full of adults. IF you have a family-friendly broadcast topic and believe there are
youngsters watching and the expletive flies, I suggest immediately calling yourself out, apologize, ask for forgiveness and
mention some sort of light-hearted punishment for yourself. Maybe something like “now I have to put my allowance in
the swear jar” or something that kids who might be watching you would deem unfavorable. It’s going to be hard for a few
moments to gather yourself, but keep moving forward and laugh it off.

Authenticity on Live Video Strengthens Your Travel Business

You Get Asked a Question You Don’t Know the Answer To– This happens all the time. I used to be so thrown if I
didn’t know an answer and felt like I had no business going live about anything. NOT TRUE. We can’t know everything. A
simple response is, “you know what, I am not 100% positive on that and I want to be sure I am giving you accurate information. After this live I am going to double check my facts and I’ll get back to you on that.”

The Art of Real-Time Adaptation: What to Do When Interrupted On-Air

You Get Interrupted– The dog barks. The phone rings. Your kid walks in. Your mom calls. Someone is knocking at the door. It all can and will eventually happen. It’s REAL LIFE. People love to get a sneak peek into your world. You can bring the dogs and the kids on camera to say hello. You can answer the phone and talk to mom. You can ignore the doorbell and talk about how you are ignoring the doorbell and wonder who it is. Roll with it. The trick to getting through these moments is to not sweat them. They make for an interesting view. Some people actually script this stuff into their videos to add perceived authenticity and flavor. So if it happens to you, use it to your advantage to break the ice or liven things up a bit. It’s your show, this is your life and people really will enjoy getting a taste of your unique “reality TV”.

Building an Engaged Audience: Why Regular Live Videos Are Key

The key to becoming comfortable with unscripted moments like these, is exposure. The more you put yourself out there, the more experience you gain in adapting and overcoming, the better and more confident you will be and look. Inside the Plussing It Membership, members have access to core training on live video as well as the Going Live Guide which contains 52 topics to chat about with your audience once a week and best practices to make sure everything goes off without a hitch!

The Importance of Consistency in Live Streaming for Travel Agents

Consistency is also crucial for your audience. They can’t just hear from you once in a blue moon. Think of your audience relationship as a friendship. How do solid friendships form? By hanging out a lot, sharing, talking and doing fun things together. Be sure you are “hanging out” with your viewers regularly. Let them know when to expect to see you. Give them something to look forward to, to count on from you. You don’t have to have a set schedule, just don’t be a stranger. Because an audience that feels abandoned will do the same. Whereas one that feels appreciated, will be supportive.

Ready to Level Up Your Travel Business Through Live Video?

Don’t let the fear of the camera keep you from soaring to new heights in your travel business. From overcoming live video jitters to mastering the art of on-the-spot interaction, our Travel Agent Prep Program covers it all. Learn the best practices, discover your on-camera persona, and build rock-solid relationships with your audience. It’s time to make live video your secret weapon for business success!

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