Launch Your Career
without ANY prior travel agent, sales or marketing experience!

Become a Travel Agent Specializing in Disney Destinations

Launch Your Career

Become a Travel Agent Specializing in Disney Destinations

without ANY prior travel agent, sales or marketing experience!
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If you’re passionate about Disney, have been told you should plan vacations for a living or you plan pretend trips just for fun and want to make money doing what you love, then you already know the travel agent life is for you.

Listen, you’re definitely a pro at planning your own vacations, but planning for someone else is a skilled art. The Agent Prep Program provides students with everything they need to strategically and effectively attract, plan for, service and WOW their guests. Anyone can book a trip, but you don’t want to be just anyone, do you? You want those word-of-mouth referrals coming in and your guests shouting your name from the rooftops creating a stream of new business. If going “above and beyond” is part of your DNA and you’re serious about living that Disney life, but are lost on how to make that dream come true, you’ve found the right place. If you’re looking to learn how to become a Disney Travel Agent, provide Disney travel services, or just find valuable resources as a travel agent, Get Down to Disness is your best partner.

What to Expect

By the end of this program, you will have…

A clear understanding of expectations, costs and requirements. You’ll feel incredibly prepared and confident joining the travel agent workforce.
All the tools and knowledge to strategically plan disney destination vacations. Expert planning leads to incredible testimonials, which leads to more sales & earnings!
A clear understanding of how to begin working as a TA and for whom. Not all agencies or business structures are created equal. You’ll know all the options.
All of my marketing and business growth strategies (all of them). Learn how to effectively promote yourself, build trust and leverage your network for growth.
A clear understanding of TA benefits and how to access them. Discounted vacations, special offers, rates and trainings are a huge perk for select agents.
A library of swipe files and content to use inside your business. 1,000’s of photos, forms, tip sheets, guides and more to help you hit the ground running!
A community of supportive friends and fellow agents. In this no-judgement zone, safely ask the “Dumb” questions and make lifetime friends!

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One-Time Payment
3 Monthly Payments

What's Inside the Agent Prep Program

Module 1

Job Description & Expectations

In this introductory module, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to be a Travel Planner specializing in Disney Destinations. You’ll discover all the rules to live by and start your training as a focused travel professional. Learn everything about being  Disney Travel Agent from Get Down To Disness

Module Highlights:

Knowledge is power. The more you know going into this field the more confident you will be as you enter it. At the completion of Module 1, you’ll know:

  • What type of commitments are required of you
  • The expectations of you from an agency and your guests
  • What costs you can expect to incur and your earning potential
Module 2

Trip Planning Fundamentals

Explore exactly how to properly plan a Disney destination vacation from start to finish. Focusing on essential tasks, client service, best practices and tricks of the trade for success.

Module Highlights:

We’ll be cutting through the overwhelm and all the scary unknowns about your lesser traveled Disney destinations so that you’ll be booking them all like a seasoned pro right out of the gate.

  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • Disneyland Resort
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • Aulani Resort and Spa
  • Adventures by Disney
Module 3

Build and Manage Your Client Base

Stuck on how to attract clients? Wondering how to use social media to grow your business? Clueless on how to manage existing and past clients? All the answers are in here. Attracting Disney travel clients can be tricky, let us take the stress out for you.

Module Highlights:

This module pulls back the curtain on:

  • How to leverage your existing network
  • Establishing and growing your social media channels
  • Effectively selling without being pushy, salesy or annoying
Module 4

Starting Your Travel Career

Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of planning, servicing guests, selling and marketing your services, learn how to take action to start your career!

Module Highlights:

It’s time to put your hard work into action! Here’s where we’ll cover:

  • Agency types and which is best for you
  • Interview and Resume Prep
  • Rookie Mistakes to Avoid
  • Travel Agent Benefits
Module 5

Recap & Final Exam

Module Highlights:

The finish line is in sight! All that’s left to do now is recap, review and reiterate the most important take-aways. You’ll be set up for success after completing:

  • Module Highlight Review
  • Practice Interview
  • Final Exam
What to Expect

When you enroll in the Agent Prep Program today, you’ll get:

5 Core Training Modules

Each at-your-pace module is stacked with valuable lessons, supportive downloads and helpful worksheets to make learning easy, fast and fun!

Instant Access to the Image Gallery

Thousands of photos to use on social media to start building your business and grow an engaged audience.

Supporting Worksheets

Engaging downloads and digital worksheets that help to not only tell you how to be successful, but SHOW you how!

Members Only Private Facebook Community

Lifetime access to continued support from Kat and fellow travel colleagues.
And More!

Plus These Bonuses to Help You Instantly Look and Act Like a Seasoned PRO Right Out of the Gate

Bonus 1
One FREE Month of the Plussing It Membership

At the completion of the Agent Prep Program, you can join over 400 smart, savvy and successful agents inside the Plussing It monthly membership and get your first month FREE-which is really 3 months as you are immediately granted access to three months worth of content!

(A $197 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Done-for-you monthly content and collateral created by a professional designer with an extensive background in travel sales, marketing and copy writing.

  • 100+ images and customizable copy for posting on social media every day of the month
  • How-to guides, videos and live chats to help expand your knowledge and expertise
  • Collateral library of done-for-you documents to provide your guests
  • Bonuses galore: Reels, carousels, templates and more!
  • Private member community of the best in the business!

Bonus 2
Bonus Pictogram Social Media Pack

30 engagement grabbing graphics for growing your social media following, getting more leads and booking more vacations!

(A $300 Value)

What You’ll Get:

30 professionally designed graphics to share on social media accounts that are strategically formatted to induce engagement and expand reach. A well rounded social media account should do three things:

  • Entertain
  • Engage
  • Educate

That’s exactly what these pictograms do and they will be yours!

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Agent Prep Program
$3,000 Value

One Month of Plussing It Membership (upon course completion) – $197 Value

Bonus Pictogram Social Media Pack – $300 Value

Total Value: $3,497

When you add it all up, that’s a value of nearly $3,500 all for the cost of a single college credit.

But when you enroll today...

Enroll today to gain lifetime access* to an entire program that gets you job-ready in a field you already know you love!

Enroll in the Agent Prep Program Today

One-Time Payment
3 Monthly Payments
Success Stories

Customer Testimonials

At Get Down To Disness, we believe that with a little pixie dust and a lot of passion, you can take your travel business to new heights. Whether you are nervous about getting started or are a travel agent specializing in Disney destinations that needs a boost to reach those big goals, we’re ready to guide you every step of the way. Join us inside the Agent Prep Program or Plussing It Membership today and together, we’ll make it happen! Walt Disney famously said “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” See what our community of hard working and dedicated agents have to say about their experience working with us:

Money Back Guarantee

Try the Agent Prep Program with Confidence!

Complete the work, show me your efforts and results. If you are not satisfied, I’ll gladly give you a 100% refund.

Run through the ENTIRE PROGRAM and if you didn’t love it, or get you results, email me within 60 days of enrollment and I will refund your money. Full details inside our Terms and Conditions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

While some agencies will have destination visit requirements, not all do. If you are strong in your knowledge and confident in your ability to sell the one product, there is no reason why you couldn’t. You just may have to look around a bit for the right opportunity. But this program will provide you with critical foundational knowledge on all domestic Disney destinations.
No worries, the Agent Prep Program is a complete-at-your-pace online educational course that you gain lifetime access to when you enroll. You’ll engage in and complete the lessons on your time. While there are live chats with the instructor, they are recorded so anyone unable to be present can watch the replay. There is no “behind” in Agent Prep!
This is actually a huge myth! There is no certification required to be a travel agent. What is required is know-how in terms of planning, customer service, interviewing, marketing and selling. That is what you will have after completing this course. No, this course does not “certify” you as a travel agent, but you will receive a beautiful certificate of achievement upon completion of the program!
Disney’s Earmarked status is a designation exclusive to travel agencies, not individual travel agents. This program is not associated with the Walt Disney Travel Company in any way (my lawyer made me say that). Completing this program will provide you with education and skills that an Earmarked agency should find appealing for novice agents to possess.
No, there is no guarantee of a job at the completion of this course. That is entirely up to you to make happen. I do, however, guarantee you will be prepared for an interview and for the position of Travel Agent Specializing in Disney Destinations, if you’ve done all the work as outlined in the program. I’ll say it again, I guarantee you will be prepared.
You should never stop learning and there will always be opportunities to learn more. Disney is ever-changing. Specifically relating to your question however, most agencies will have a training period specific to their operations. So yes, you likely will have another round of training once you get signed with an agency. Additionally, you’ll go through the College of Disney Knowledge.
Once you enroll, you will have immediate access to the Introduction Module and Module 1 will be released on June 27, 2022. The subsequent modules will be released on a schedule as covered inside the program dashboard. Once modules are released, you will have lifetime access to all the materials. Access to the Bonuses listed in your offer will be granted upon completion of the program. This program is AT YOUR PACE on your schedule.
It means as long as the instructor is alive and well, the company is still in business and the course is active, anyone who enrolled in a program will have access to that program indefinitely and all of its subsequent updates. We do not charge for updates unlike many other online courses.
You must be at least 18 years of age to sell travel. There is no age limit. I’ve had students range from 30’s to 60’s! However, being able to communicate effectively and relevantly via social media networks is essential in today’s market. If you aren’t comfortable on social media, this likely is not the path for you.
You can only enroll in the College of Disney Knowledge once you are with a travel agency. While it’s fun to go through and educates agents on the Disney “products”, it does not AT ALL even touch on how to sell, service guests, market and grow your travel business. In fact, it was after I went through that course that I had the idea for creating the Agent Prep Program as I quickly saw there was clearly a need for this type of training and I have 25+ years of experience in advertising, marketing and graphic design in addition to make 10+ year career in Disney travel.
You can only enroll in the College of Disney Knowledge once you are with a travel agency. While it’s fun to go through and educates agents on the Disney “products”, it does not AT ALL even touch on how to sell, service guests, market and grow your travel business. In fact, it was after I went through that course that I had the idea for creating the Agent Prep Program as I quickly saw there was clearly a need for this type of training and I have 25+ years of experience in advertising, marketing and graphic design in addition to make 10+ year career in Disney travel.

Enroll in the Agent Prep Program Today

One-Time Payment
3 Monthly Payments
Still thinking about it?

The Agent Prep Program is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are serious about wanting to enter into a career in Disney travel planning and being successful at it.
  2. Want to finally focus on something just for you.
  3. Are eager and willing to learn and apply yourself to creating the foundation for a potentially life-changing career. 
  4. Would rather spend your spare time investing in your future than scrolling social media or binging shows.
  5. Have little to no experience in travel planning, marketing and sales but are excited to learn and build a thriving business.
  6. Want to be a part of an incredible community of smart, supportive and wonderful colleagues that will help you every step of the way.
  7. Are ready to start earning money doing something that you truly love and are passionate about.

Are you ready to join me inside the Agent Prep Program?

So what do you say? Has reading all of this gotten you excited about becoming a travel professional that specializes in Disney vacations? I’m willing to bet if you are here now, you’ve been thinking about this for a while. Taking the leap into this business certainly changed my life and it’s my promise to help you change yours. I will teach you everything you need to know to begin this new, very magical career adventure and knock it out of the (theme) park!

If you’re serious about planning Disney vacations professionally, whether as a side-hustle or complete career shift, join us! You won’t regret it.

I hope to welcome you into our private community soon!

– Kat

Enroll in the Agent Prep Program Today

One-Time Payment
3 Monthly Payments
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