5 Ways to Live Disney Magic at Home

disney at home Apr 27, 2020

Chances are if you are reading a blog of mine, you flippin' love Disney and are down in the Disney dumps that the parks are closed. Even if you don't have a trip that was affected by the closure or even one planned in the future, just knowing that the Walt Disney World Resort isn't operating and making dreams come true for others just really gets you down, right? Me too.

Living and breathing all things Disney 24/7 is kind of my job. With the closure, even I have had to get creative in order to keep my Disney battery charged (as my friend Steph Shuster says) and stay positive. While many of my remedies have involved baking and subsequently eating, there are plenty of other ways that won't make getting back to the gym when social distancing rules relax tougher than it should be.

Here are my suggested five cures for the Disney blues:

1. WDW Magazine-I am a feature writer for this magazine, but I think it's important to know that I was a fan long before I began writing. It's been five years and this publication just gets better and better. Opening the pages is a real escape to Walt Disney World and let me tell you it's an incredible planning tool as well. You learn so much every month! Caution though, you'll likely be over-stuffing your daily plans with all the hidden gems you will learn about. Subscribe Here (affiliate link)
Subscribers also get access the exclusive WDW-101 Live Chats every Tuesday night! So fun and informative!

2. Disney Magical Moments-The ULTIMATE in Disney themed fun, the Disney Magical Moments website is packed with so many activities to keep your Disney spirits up. From drawing tutorials, theme park favorite recipes, star-studded bedtime story reading, virtual attraction rides, crafts and more, you'll find something new and fun to do every single day. Visit the website here.

3. Disney Game Night- One of the pros of being under house arrest during this pandemic, is getting to spend more time as a family. Game nights have made a comeback! No worries if you don't have any actual Disney board games, you can make up your own!

Over at Debating Disney, we've created our own versions of the popular TV game shows "The Price is Right" and "$25,000 Pyramid". Just put your own Disney spin on it! It is just as fun creating the game content as it is playing it. "Password" would be a fun game too!

<<Click Here>> for simple instructions to get you started on hosting your own TV Game Show at home!

4. Disney Movie Night- If you subscribe to Disney +, this is a no-brainer and you have undoubtedly been scouring the entire library during these last few weeks. If you don't have Disney+ or Netflix and really don't want to spend the money to rent anything, here's a free alternative...search YouTube for Disney videos!

There are TONS of them. Virtual ride-throughs, live entertainment, fireworks displays, trip reveal videos, you name it, it's on YouTube. Even my own trip reveal many moons ago for my daughter's 6th birthday is on there! If you want to see my toothless cutie lose her mind and try the old "stir the soup" dance move, click here.

5. Plan a Vacation- There ain't no cure for the Disney blues like planning a trip! Confession: before I became a travel agent, I used to plan vacations I couldn't take, just for fun. That's how obsessed I was, still am, about Disney planning!

Of course, if you want some professional help planning that trip, get started with us by filling out this quote form. Zero cost to you to work with a travel agent!

If you are a Do-It-Yourselfer, our Daily Agenda Book might be incredibly fun to fill out for you!

And, if you think you may just want to become a travel agent specializing in Disney Destinations, I've created an online, self-paced program just for you. Click here to learn more about the Agent Prep Program.

No matter where you fall on the Disney planning scale, one thing is for sure...dreaming about a trip, getting all of the details down and creating an agenda for each day-down to the snacks you will try- is the best medicine to suppress the symptoms of the Disney blues.

In the meantime, while we ALL wait with unbridled anticipation for the parks to reopen, one lucky winner will receive a cool Disney pin!  <<CLICK HERE>> to enter to win!

The winner of the Best of WDW Coffee Table Book is Melissa Schmechel! Please email us at [email protected] with your mailing address. Congratulations!




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