The August Box is Summer's Sweetest Swan Song

by christie grube Aug 05, 2021

I feel like I spent all of the winter wishing for summer and then summer finally arrived and I just haven't had a chance to adequately soak her up. What used to be the lazy, hazy days of summer has been replaced with running around, squeezing in vacations, daily errands and just living life at breakneck speed. This August Launch Box was a sweet summery reminder to, "SLOW THE HECK DOWN WOMAN". 

The Launch Box packaging is always top-notch, I just love tearing into the tissue paper like a kid on Christmas, it's a gift for me...for once. (Does summer make me sound bitter?) Everything is always placed so intentionally and the presentation is lovely. Presentation isn't lost on me even as I immediately just start tossing things around. (I'm just SO excited!!) 

The first item I lingered on was the Unicorn Pop from Goofy's Candy Company. Weren't those unicorn pops just one of the greatest things about being a kid?! Instant nostalgia. I opened this RIGHT up, popped it in, and sat back in my desk chair, turned up my Disney Parks YouTube music channel, and just closed my eyes for a second. This was the break I was looking for today. I hadn't realized how the constant stream of emails and phone calls had settled right into my neck and shoulders until I gave myself that second to...exhale.

As Travel Agents we are predisposed to put everyone's needs ahead of ours, we aren't great at "letting calls go to voicemail"  or leaving an email in the inbox for too long and that can wear us down for sure. It's funny how centering just sitting back and enjoying a brightly colored swirly lollipop could be. Why don't we do this more often?

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It's impossible to not see the Minnie Mouse Boca Clips in this month's box and not give them a well-placed,"Awwwwww." Seriously, is ANYONE immune to Minnie's charms? (No one any of us need to know anyway.) We know now that Disney cruises will begin again in August, wouldn't these clips be THE cutest guest gift for your first guest who will be setting sail for the first time...for the first time in forrrrrevvvvverrrr...

What says, "Welcome back to cruising" more than sweet towel clips to keep your beach towel secure from those amazing ocean breezes? (Okay, and if we are being honest, since my first post-Covid cruiser isn't leaving until the Fall, my actual FIRST thought was, "Yay Doritos chip clips!" Listen, I can't be completely selfless!)

One of my favorite things to gift guests are the Pin Trading kits made famous by an earlier Launching It box. My guests go NUTS over these. They are SO cute, and such a thoughtful way to help guests get started with a new trip tradition, hobby, and souvenir collection. They are a great idea for guests of ANY age, which just makes them even more perfect. I actually squealed a bit when I saw these, the pins were adorable (way better than the ones I get as traders) and the lanyards are AWESOME!

I don't think you have to be a pin person to recognize a nice, high-quality lanyard when you see one. These aren't your Momma's rinky-dink Party City lanyards (like the ones I've been buying, oh the shame), these are heavy-duty, Walt Disney World Travel Company REAL DEAL lanyards. These, my friends...are what they call, "the good stuff." (Go ahead, revel in it, revel in the good fortune of getting this box for a moment...) As soon as I saw these I immediately knew which two guests were getting these and I could practically hear their giddy cheers from my dining room table. 

Want this box? There are ONLY A FEW LEFT for purchase! Want to have a box delivered to your door every month? Subscribe here!

I have zero doubt that there are others of you booking trips and quoting guests while you're in the school carpool line, waiting in the parking lot for a practice to end or while you're enjoying just a second more of quiet in your car before you head into the house. This perfectly sized lined notebook with a color-coordinated pen (because it's Kat) will be my go-to notepad for the car. No more writing on fast food napkins or old voting stickers (my car is a hot mess), my thoughts, ramblings, and trip quotes will now have a home.

My pad came with the best message on the front too, "Be brave enough to live your life." How true is that? How many times do we let fear of failure and our own personal hang-ups keep us from being the best versions of ourselves? How long did we wait to start doing this travel gig that we had dreamt of doing for so long simply because we were afraid to chase a dream of our own? This little book...this box, reminds me that I have GOT this. 

Office supplies make me HAPPY! In this month's box were the cutest "Index Note Paper" sticky notes. I had never seen anything like them before, so unique and SO many ways to use them. What a great way to mark pages in your favorite beach read, or to make flags in your guests' trip folders or on their final trip documents. I love that Kat thinks of these things FOR me, so I don't stand in Staples like a deer in headlights because I can NEVER remember what I needed and why I am still standing in Aisle 3. 


Last month the raffle item was a copy of Delish's Disney-inspired recipe magazine. Spoiler alert, I didn't win, so I was EXTRA excited that the digital content this month was...drumroll...DISNEY-INSPIRED RECIPES! I am always on the hunt for fun Disney copycat recipes or just recipes that elevate a movie night into an EVENT! These incredibly simple recipes like PB&K Sushi Rolls, Dole Whip, and the infamous Grey Stuff are perfect for my house. I also love the idea of printing these out to send to my guests AFTER they've arrived back home from their Disney trips when they may be needing some post-trip magic to help them navigate the after-trip blues. 

A nice little surprise this month was a packet of flower seeds secured to the top of my beautiful blue box. The packet held a simple statement, "Cultivate a brighter future." I like it, just like Spring/Summer gardeners we as TAs are in charge of our own crop, our own bounty. Sure just as gardeners face obstacles out of their control, we will as well, we've learned that in spades this year. BUT...pull those weeds, pull up your big farming pants, and let's grow our business and cultivate our own success!

This month's Subscribers Only raffle is a $25 Disney gift card. That gift card is already burning a hole in my pocket and the drawing hasn't even happened yet! Spending Disney gift cards is never a challenge, but trimming the ole' e-cart back to a comfortable, non-second mortgage total is a challenge. A $25 gift card, that's some amazing Disney cash in the bank, again, how is it that this subscription box happens?! I am definitely getting WAY more out of this subscription than I'm putting in. But shhhhhh, can we all make a pact to not tell Kat?

Summer is wrapping up, and my beloved Fall is right around the corner. Still, I'm going to enjoy these last few weeks of summer. I'm going to savor these longer days, relish having an excuse to have ice cream for dinner and the laidback feel of the season just like that Unicorn pop.

Want this box? There are ONLY A FEW LEFT for purchase! Want to have a box delivered to your door every month? Subscribe here!


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