July's Box is Pedal to the Metal FUN!

Truth bomb, I have JUST returned home from Disney World. (As in not even 48 hours ago, you're familiar with that level of sadness, right?) I was on the plane coming home, the post-Disney trip blues already starting to wash over me and I had that moment where I thought, "How can I be excited about planning trips when my own trip is already in the bag?! I know, I know, selfish, first-world problems, but I'm nothing if not honest. Then...I saw that precious blue box sitting on my counter. WHAT A TREAT to come home to my Plussing It Launch Box! (Cue the angels singing...)

It's some kind of crazy kismet that these monthly boxes somehow always know exactly what I need each month, even before I know! Over the last few months, every box has had a couple of things that I have been DESPERATE to restock because they are just SUCH clever items. However in this month's box...EVERY item fits that bill. I need more, more, MORE...MORRRRE!

On our way home from Disney, we were plotting our next trip and were discussing the merits of driving over flying. We typically don't have the patience necessary for our ten-hour stint down to Orlando. This box was a gamechanger, it absolutely speaks to the family on the fence about whether or not to drive AND definitely is custom-made for families already committed to taking the drive plunge. (Which let's face it, have you looked at airfare lately? Whoa.) 

I think what caught my attention first were the adorable Auto Bingo cards. Call me old-fashioned, but when we take car trips, I am all about setting the phones DOWN. Do we REALLY need to stare at a screen for 10 hours? No. Let's engage each other, we are locked in a giant steel box together, let's be present with one another. We always bring magazines, cards, and a license plate Bingo print-out game. But...when those are done...they are done. No backsies. I can only read the same article about Taylor Swift's love life so many times. These Auto Bingo cards are so fun because they ARE reusable! Leave them in the car for unexpected traffic jams even close to home, play more than one round on your long drive to Disney, or of course, I guess you could gift them to a guest. (Orrrr, you can keep two for yourself and send two as a guest gift. Kat gave us each FOUR!)

The first and only time I ever saw Wikki Stix was at a restaurant when my oldest was young. I thought they were GENIUS, she was mesmerized, she stayed busy, she stayed quiet and this then-new Mom had one of her first peaceful dinners out with a toddler in tow. I stashed those in my bag and reused them for MONTHS afterward and was bummed when they were accidentally tossed out. Seeing these in this box was such a sweet bit of nostalgia and something I can't wait to gift to Moms with young kiddos because I am a BELIEVER in the power of Wikki Stixs! (And again with the whole honesty thing, I'm keeping a set for us too...you know, for nostalgia.)

We are a sports family and definitely understand the need for and the effectiveness of cooling towels. We LOVE them and swear by them. However, we somehow always end up losing the little tub that ours always seem to come packaged in. The casing can be rigid, cumbersome and we inevitably ALWAYS lose the lid to the container. This month's box has THE cutest cooling towel! It's compact, brightly colored (I got pink-yay), lightweight, has a zipper close pouch AND a carabiner clip! (Mind blown.) Clip this cutie to your park bag for easy access or gift it to one of your guests who will be braving the Florida heat this summer. Again, call me spoiled, call me selfish, but I'm keeping this sweet little guy for myself! (But now that I know they exist, I guess I could order more for my guests.)

OFFICE SUPPLIES! C'mon, isn't there a small part of ALL of us who started this job because they had dreams of an adorable Disney-inspired office? I know I did, and I am ALL about the peppy, happy, fun office supplies. This month's binder clips fit right in with their fellow desk comrades on my shiny, happy desk. I love the bright colors and the burst of sunshine it will bring to my guests' paperwork and my own too!

I think I may have been late to the Scentsy party, but I am here now with both feet fully immersed in the Scentsy pool now. After joining a friend's party this Spring, I am in love! This month's box had one of my favorite Scentsy items to gift, the Scentsy Disney car air freshener. What a FANTASTIC thing to give to your guest who is planning on driving. It really isn't that hard to imagine your driving guest opening their final gift from you, seeing that adorable air freshener, and just feeling absolutely SEEN by you. Wow-you GET it, you get driving, you get stinky park feet, you get the love of Disney...homerun. I GUARANTEE you this isn't something a run-of-the-mill Travel Agent would ever think to include with their guest trip packets. 

Hello, my name is Christie, and I am addicted to Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn. (Hiiiiii Chrissssstie....) Talk about being "seen," HELLO!!! This stuff is my jam, highly addictive and I eat it by the bucket loads. Would this be great to send to a guest for a fun (non-spilling, non-staining) car snack-heck yeah. Will I gift this to a guest? Hee hee, that's cute. 

Okay, the digital content in the boxes always blows me away. For starters, from a design perspective, just WOW. I know these are things that no matter how long I sit in front of a program like Canva I just won't be able to generate. Our girl Kat has a knack for design. (And lucky us that we get to benefit from it!) I love that this month we had both the info in a QR code one sheeter format but ALSO received the info in adorable (and sturdy) card form to distribute to guests! (Another fun piece of pizzazz for trip folders!) Don't you also just love how she worked one of those precious, brightly colored binder clips in for us too?

This month's SUBSCRIBERS-ONLY raffle had me scrambling to Google to see how I could score the "Delish Loves Disney" magazine/book myself! (Frankly, I just never trust leaving things to chance.) I am ALL about some Disney copycat recipes, this is 110% right up my alley. (What better way to beat our Disney blues away than by emotionally eating some great Disney recipes?!)

I'd like to say this box gave me the post-trip boost to get GEEKED about my guests' upcoming trips. Sure, it helped...but what it REALLY did was get my wheels turning for how WE can go BACK sooner by driving! It's a no-brainer now, right? I have all the tools necessary for a sweet-smelling, delicious tasting, hands busy, eyes focused kind of stress-free Orlando drive! BRING IT ON! 

Speaking of bringing it on...is it August yet? I'm ready for my next box fix...is it August...nowwwwwwww...how about now...

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