Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away...

by christie grube Nov 24, 2021

You can hear it in your head, right? "Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Meeeeeee..." One of those great "older" songs that are now relegated to the grocery story where we can't help but belt them out in the bread aisle. CRUISING! This month's WAY CLEVER Launch Box tackled the world of cruise vacations, and wow...SHIVER ME TIMBERS, it was a treasure trove of goodies! 

I can't speak for all Travel Agents (obviously), but for me, for some reason, booking cruises feels daunting. It's not something I can put my finger on as to why, but I always do a "gulp" as I process a cruising deposit. (Maybe because there are so many dadgum deadlines and penalties!) Then, once my sweet guests get to the finish line, I scratch my head about how to package up a killer final document bundle for them. What do you do for guests who will be on a floating, giant city for a week? They don't need height restriction charts, they don't need cooling towels or things to keep their kids busy in has always been a stumper. Until now of course...Cue the Halleluiah chorus, my Launching Box arrived!

Part of what I always love about these Launch Boxes is how Kat continually flexes her creative muscles. (And believe me, she is RIPPED.) Each month I am always incredibly impressed and beyond surprised, but this month took the cake. (Or the rum if I have to keep talking pirate) This month I had six...count 'em...SIX moments of, "Why the heck did I never think of that?!" This box is cruise gold and will absolutely be ideas that I replicate for an entire fleet worth of sailings! 

My favorite item in this month's box was "Fish Extender 101." Fish Extenders are something regular Disney cruisers speak of so affectionately, it is such a fun way to build a sense of community before even boarding your sailing. It is an exciting thing for kids to do and is just really adorable. Still, I struggled with how to explain the premise to guests. I can send them sweet fish extender gifts to use (Etsy is a pirate's best pal!) but the verbiage and more importantly the best way to format & present verbiage of the ins and outs of Fish Extenders was just not coming to me at all. 

Of course, Kat whipped up the perfect crash course in Fish Extenders, put it on an adorable, sturdy card perfect for guest is color coordinated with my second favorite item in the, she makes us look GOOOOOOD.

I LOVE a good trip countdown, it is easily the one thing I gift most to my guests. Why shouldn't counting down to an exciting vacation be part of the adventure?! In this month's box there is the cutest magnetic countdown ever! Slap it on your fridge, use a WET marker to keep track of your days and the whole family is now part of the fun! The best part, this magnet is small and LIGHT...with today's postage rates, geez, being generous is costly. These beauties are inexpensive to send and will still make a...big SPLASH. 

Speaking of mail, no matter how expensive postage gets, I still absolutely love and will continue to send "snail mail." Few things are as sweet and thoughtful to me than a handwritten, stamped card arriving in my mailbox. Kat included THE best, vintage beach vacay Castaway Cay postcards this month. This collection of 25 postcards has the coolest old school family beach trip vibe, your guests will love to send these, but will most likely keep it for themselves to remember the epic cruise vacation you helped them plan. 

Probably THE most clever item in this month's box was the "Instant Pirate Kits." Disney Cruise Line is FAMOUS for their pirate themed night on their sailings. What an easy and unique thing to send to guests who may forget or be completely stumped by what they should pack for a "pirate night." (Who has room in a carry on for a peg leg anyway?!) Complete with pirate-y essentials like an eye patch, temporary tattoos and wearable "gold" will have them pirate fabulous in plenty enough time to snag some more free ship soft serve ice cream before the shenanigans get started on the deck. 

Perhaps you've been lucky enough to sail concierge level...this gal, not so lucky. Rumor has it, the concierge level guests are treated to loads of pampering including the Spongelle Infused Sponge from this month's box. It's your soap and washcloth (but sexier) all in one. What an easy thing to pack for ANY vacation, but especially for a cruise where let's face it...the bathrooms are SMALL. I'm seriously considering saving this one for myself and just taking way too long in the shower and PRETENDING I'm on a DCL vacation. (Calgon, take me awaaaay!) 

Did you check out those adorable DCL Luggage tags that have now been converted into darling gift tags to use on your client gifts? Does our girl know how to tie a theme together or what?! These are so sweet for your cruise guests, but what about as a subtle hint to one of your Parks guests that you think may be interested in taking a step on the cruising side? Some subtle advertising that hey, you book (and gift) other destinations as well. 

'Tis the season for some Advent fun! The raffle for this month's box is the most fun Mickey Mouse Advent Activity Calendar. It's such much more EXTRA than your basic candy behind a paper door drug store Advent calendar. One lucky winner is going to be a household hero for sure! 

This box was the wind beneath my sailing wings, my anchor release, and most of all, the escape from the poop deck of stale ideas that I needed! How can I not be more excited about cruise vacation guests now when I have this arsenal of clever ways to spoil them?! I continue to be amazed (and so thrilled) that these monthly boxes are making me a better, more conscientious, more creative agent. In a sea of bland fish, Launch Boxes are making us all absolute STAR fish!

Unfortunately, the Launch Box subscription is coming to an end as Kat shifts her focus to other segments of her business. Want to receive Kat's FINAL THREE DELIVERIES for December, January and February? ONLY TWO SPOTS LEFT! CLICK HERE TO SNAG YOUR SPOT!


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