by christie grube Feb 03, 2021
I am a literal broken record, every time I open up my latest subscription Plussing It Launch Box, I squeal and say, "THIS one is my favorite!" You just have to trust me, even though we've just met about 30 words ago, this February box really is my favorite box so far. I know, I know, until next month; but isn't that the point?  Isn't the point that these boxes keep getting better and better and I continue to get more and more excited about my travel business. (AND more excited about receiving my Plussing It Launch Box subscription, the weeks can't fly by fast enough!
Is it anticlimactic when I start with my FAVORITE thing in the box? I just can't help myself, I am such a pin trading geek. I am raising two pin trading geeks. We pin trade with each other even when we aren't at the parks, just here, at home, laying out in the middle of someone's bedroom. (Did you just cringe and think, "Ewww, they ARE geeks?")
Whenever I am putting together a final document folder for my guests prior to their trip, I always like to include a printable guide to Pin Trading (which I downloaded during Kat's Agent Prep Course) in case the family is interested in giving pin trading a whirl during their own trip. It's a great souvenir for the kids, it's a fun activity during your stay, and the best part for us, it taught my shy kid how to speak up and ask for something she wants. Sometimes, if I have some extra pins kicking around I will throw them in with client trip gifts as well.
Of course, Kat takes that idea and turns it all the way up to an 11!!!! These adorable "Pin Trading Starter Kits" are just the cutest! Kat has such a knack for design and merchandising, this is guest perfect. Ready to go straight from my Launch Box right into my guests' trip box! The "starter kit" comes with an adorable Chip & Dale lanyard and two official Disney Parks pins. To me, when I see this as a guest, this SCREAMS, "I am ready to hit the ground running at Walt Disney World!" 
The inner struggle of, "Should I gift this to a guest or keep it myself" is very real with these boxes each month. (Painful even.) This month we were gifted with the "Disney Pocket Guide to Magic Kingdom" book by Kimberly Masimore and Stephanie Shuster and I couldn't be more excited! This book has been on my Amazon wish list for months (can no one in my family take a hint!?) and I was thrilled to see it in my box this month. This book is stunning, the photography alone is incredible, but it is also interactive with spots for daily plans, rating attractions, and fun line queue and park scavenger hunts. It's light enough to throw in your park bag but so lovely you'll be really territorial and threaten that no one has better get churro fingers on it or lose it. 
As a Travel Agent the words "paid in full" are priceless. As a Travel Agent who has survived 2020, the word "PAID" feels like the Publisher's Clearinghouse folks have just rung your doorbell! (Balloons and all!) I am a paper and pen person; I like an old school paper trail. I have folders for all my clients that get stored in an old school filing cabinet. When we have successfully reached "final payment" day and their LAST payment is processed, I write in my best, biggest, and bubbliest 5th-grade girl handwriting..."Paid."
However, just like ending an angry cell phone call with a push of a button doesn't have the same satisfaction as slamming down our old-timey 1990's Princess phones (don't pretend like you don't know what I mean) writing the word "Paid" isn't NEARLY as satisfying as the sweet sounds of a PAID stamper. In fact, it is so satisfying, I may just go and smack PAID all over again on all my old guest folders! The PAID stamper in this box is the office supply I never knew I needed and now don't know how I lived without it.
Postcards!!!! Kat takes some amazing photos when she visits the Disney Parks, and she has taken some of those wonderful pics and turned them into beautiful, glossy postcards. I am still a gal who loves to send and receive mail. There are few things more fun and meaningful than opening up the mailbox and in the midst of the barrage of bills and junk mail you see a sweet note from a friend. For this reason, I like to include a postcard in my guests' final papers folder in the hopes that while enjoying their magical vacation they will send someone they love some good, old-fashioned and beloved "snail mail." These postcards came at just the perfect time, just as I've always suspected, Kat is some kind of mind reader and knew that my personal Disney postcard stash was getting painfully low. Magic! 
Something I found especially cool in this month's box was some bonus material to help myself and my fellow agents get out of any potential "Valentine's Day" social media funks. The content itself was amazing,
"14 Romantic Things to do at Walt Disney World," how smart, remind adults that Disney isn't just for the juice box crowd. For me though, it was HOW the material was presented that REALLY inspired me.
We received these gorgeous postcards with the designs laid out, but to gain access to the designs, we needed to scan a QR code. I have to admit, that sent my wheels spinning at full speed. HOW SMART! HOW DIFFERENT! In the age of smartphones literally attached to our appendages, in the age where we are always needing MORE info FASTER, what is better than a QR code? I love the "14 Romantic Things" idea but what I love even more is the inspiration to think outside the box. How can I do something similar to boost my own business? What information should I be teasing my guests to access using an ominous QR code? One of the absolute BEST things about these monthly Plussing It Launch Boxes isn't necessarily just the goodies inside, but also the avalanche of my own ideas it inspires. In every industry, we get stale. The "next big thing" becomes harder and harder to grasp, sometimes you just need a muse to get your cylinders firing again. That is what these boxes are becoming for me, more and more each month. My Travel Agent mojo muse.
Kat has OUTSTANDING affiliate partners, and we reap the rewards of those relationships monthly. This month we received a special offer from Disney Pocket Guide; an incredible opportunity to purchase more of their fun companion books at really awesome savings. We also have a raffle ticket for the sweetest pair of "Queen of Hearts" Minnie ears (...cause...Valentine's Day y'all!) from Hemphilly Ever After. (And if you are like me, and have literally zero luck, there's a generous coupon code to receive 10% off of anything in their Etsy shop.) 
I should also mention there were two adorably bagged packages of sweet, pink Hershey kisses in this month's box as well...oops, apparently you CAN type and gorge yourself on candy at the same time. Who knew?! Such a fun, added, detail that just says, "I appreciate you." Which frankly, in this business, who doesn't need more candy and pats on the back?! 
Forgive me when the March box rolls around and I am immediately heard singing from my rooftop," THIS IS THE BEST BOX EVVVVVER!" I can assure you, even this far in advance, that it really may become my favorite box. This subscription series continues to prove again and again that not only is Kat an experienced Travel Agent, she also understands how to motivate her fellow agents, she knows how to make guests feel unique and valued all while just having an absolute passion for Disney, creativity and making folks' lives fun and easier.
These boxes continue to be bright lights for me in a time where I am still trying to light a fire under the post-2020 doldrums. guys...I am starting to feel pretty fierce and positive again, these boxes are literal brain candy launch pads for success. I can't wait for March!

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