Plussing It Launch Box: December Box Review

by christie grube Dec 10, 2020
PLUSSING IT LAUNCH BOX: Launching me into a new stratosphere of Travel Agent Awesomeness
I have been a Travel Agent specializing in Disney destinations for a couple of years now. It may sound crazy, but aside from the absolute love of Disney the thing that REALLY drew me to being an agent was the desire to WOW a guest. There are thousands of Travel Agents out there, what can I do to make myself stand out amongst them? That was the question I was constantly asking and using to challenge myself. As a home-based, part-time agent, I'm all about balance, impacting guests positively and uniquely while managing to not let any of the other dozens of balls I'm juggling drop. 
Guests are always on my mind, I'm always on the lookout for a unique guest gift, a special way to say thank you, or something interesting that will keep me top of mind as they start to consider planning for that NEXT trip. Sometimes the ideas are FLOWING, all cylinders are firing and sometimes I feel like if I send out one more pair of generic Mouse Ears I may cry. When I heard about Kat's new Disney Travel Agent focused subscription box, I knew I had to climb on board. Kat has been a friend and mentor to me for years, completing her Agent Prep Course is what gave me the courage to pursue this career in Travel, and her "Plussing It"  membership keeps me sharp, focused, and relevant to potential guests as well as clients I am currently servicing. I just knew that if there was anyone I could trust with ideas and materials to light a fire under my travel business, it was going to be Kat. 
'Tis the season for fun mail, and this subscription box didn't disappoint! As soon as I opened the front door and saw the package laying on my porch, the bright colors leaped off the box, INSTANT CHEER. I knew immediately, even before opening the door that this was my Launch Box. I couldn't get it open fast enough! (All while managing to hide it from my nosey and grabby children.) 
The box was meticulously packaged, everything had its own sweet space. It was almost too lovely to start digging around in...almost. This was my first box, my first experience with ANY subscription box, so I wanted to be careful and really savor the unveiling. It was so obvious that when this box was packaged, Kat had a plan for each item, and I didn't want to miss a step.
I loved the insert detailing where her mind (and heart) were as she was hand-selecting each item to be included in this inaugural box. Everything about the "Plussing It" program and "Agent Prep Program" has been all about that extra mile, and personal touches. Cut to me not being surprised at all to see a handwritten note from Kat the second I opened up this box. It was just as you would see when opening a gift from a good friend...
My eye immediately went to the beautifully frosted Crispy Rice Treats. These treats are one of my favorite things to bring back from my OWN trips for guests and friends. The angel on my shoulder tells me to send this gorgeous treat out to my guests traveling to Disney FOR Christmas, what a sweet surprise and great way to get their trip kicked off. However, the REALLY loud devil on my other shoulder keeps reminding me that I haven't eaten lunch yet...and I REALLY deserve a treat. (But with TWO coming in the box, maybe I can listen to BOTH!) 
My second favorite item in the box is the gorgeous set of holiday cards adorned with unique Disney holiday images. These 5x7 cards are the perfect size to mail out to my guests to let them know I'm thinking of them this holiday season and appreciate their support. They have a lovely vintage look and feel to them. They will easily be something guests will proudly display along with the holiday cards they receive from their family. I am old fashioned, I love "snail mail" and how getting and sending letters makes me feel. It is such an intimate and thoughtful gesture that I  think really resonates with guests AND friends. (And guests who have become my friends!) The adorable Mickey & Minnie envelope sticker seals are just another "SO Kat" element that will elevate the traditional holiday card even further. Sending cards to my guests was already on my to-do list, but now thanks to the Launch Box, I don't have to go and search for the "perfect" Disney themed cards, they were waiting right there on my doorstep. 
I am a SUCKER for a scented candle. (There has been some speak of a "candle intervention" in my house for some time, but no one has been brave enough to act on that yet.) When I saw this adorable "Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe" candle in the box I squealed. (A literal squeal.) What SCREAMS the holidays more than that perfect aroma of fresh-cut pine and holiday spices?! NOTHING! I love to burn a candle while I'm working to help keep me centered. I respect the fact that Kat recognizes and supports other small businesses, like the maker of the candle, EriBella & Company. So many of us are "Mompreneurs" with side hustles trying to make the dream a reality. It is amazing that Kat seeks out partners who have done the same as she has with her own business. Additionally, there is a coupon for 10% off my first EriBella & Company purchase, with so many Disney inspired scents (because I've already stalked their website) this coupon is burning a hole in my pocket. 
Olaf...sweet, sweet, goofy Olaf. I had to laugh as soon as I removed the bubble wrap sheet and saw his goofy grin staring up at me...GRINS that is, as here are TWO adorable Olaf ornaments in this month's box, one to gift and one to keep. How thoughtful! My mind starts reeling, what a fun giveaway to use to help boost my business' Facebook page, or what a great idea to use as a basket item for a local holiday fair where I will be promoting my business. These items make "thinking out of the box" so much easier when they are delivered right to my door. All I have to do is open it and let my utter geekiness take the wheel! 
Something else cool about this box is that even though I am opening this at home, alone, upstairs in my office, it still feels completely interactive. There's the info sheet helping to give me some ideas but there's also an additional raffle ticket inside. Kat will be going live in our Launch Box Facebook group to draw a winner for a WDW Magazine 16 month wall calendar. I love the fact that even once my box is opened and I start distributing (or chowing down on) the goods, the fun keeps coming! There's an actual Facebook community of other agents receiving these boxes and we are connected and can bounce ideas off of one another and cheer each other along. HOW COOL! This inaugural Launch Box goes a REALLY long way in making a home-based agent feel way less isolated. 
Wondering what genius ideas Kat is cooking up for next month? She's teased it's all about kicking off the New Year right! I'm already looking forward to that box...even though I can't keep my hands off of the items that are right here in front of me. It certainly feels like Christmas came early to my house today. I'm waiting to get an email with a secret handshake, this box feels like a super cool club for savvy Travel Agents who are going to ROCK their guests! 
Sound like something you might like, too? Boxes are SOLD OUT through February, but CLICK HERE to join the WAITLIST for March and beyond! Registration opens soon!

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