by christie grube Jan 04, 2021

New Year, Invigorated Travel Agent!

I simply can't stop raving about last month's Plussing It Launch Box! You probably wouldn't believe all of the mileage that I was able to get with ALL of the items in there and am STILL using, it was for sure the holiday gift that keeps on giving. I knew that the first installment was going to be special, it was the first box AND it was being released right before Christmas, that was going to be magical, but could a follow-up box be as special? What else could Kat POSSIBLY have up her sleeve? (Scratches head curiously...)
WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR! The second box in my subscription series arrived right before the New Year which was impeccable timing. Let's face it, this year has been a colossal, an EPIC pain in the...heart. Right?! 
Hit after hit, cancellation after cancellation, this year has been an emotionally grueling, soul-sucking and financially draining year for Travel Agents especially. While every industry suffered losses and endured hard times, ours came to a screeching halt. Granted, we are seeing some signs of life, normalcy is starting to peek its head through and hope is beginning to bloom. Still, HOW are travel agents supposed to shake THAT much dust off, get excited, and get guests excited about travel again? This box is a huge leap in the right direction for me. 
Again, it starts with an encouraging note from Kat, and this time with a message that so many of us need right now, "Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen." That has been too easy to lose sight of this year. I immediately cut those words off the envelope and stuck them to my desktop screen to keep as a visual reminder that we are not defined by one bad day or even one bad year. The next good thing is always around the corner. (To quote from those other movies, "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." Kat's note reminded me to essentially turn on the light.
When I went to dive in, a beautiful, glossy full-color picture of Woody's sweet smile caught my eye. These adorable door hangers are the perfect way to advertise (especially to neighbors) my services within the safety of my own bubble. So often we take for granted the people right around us, we assume everyone knows what we do, what we sell, and how we service our guests, but the truth is, they just don't. This is a clever, unintrusive way to market to friends and neighbors without feeling like a "salesperson." As always, Kat thought of everything, included in the box is also a roll of glue dots for me to stick my business card on the bottom of these unique mini marketers. No one will be immune to Woody's charms, these will surely garner a smile from anyone who receives them. 
Ponchos, four of them, with the cutest picture of Mickey in his finest rain gear are in here...and of course, they are, because...Florida, am I right!? No matter when your guests travel, the rain will always be a factor when visiting "Sunny Orlando." There's no avoiding it, and by sharing these perfectly packaged (and super light for mailing) ponchos your guests will think fondly, "Wow, my travel agent really does think of EVERYTHING." Or, and let's be honest, they're cute, maybe you just keep them and use them for YOUR family's next vacation! 
It may seem crazy, but one of my favorite things in this month's box is the "Get Down to Disness" erasable pen. If you've never used one before, prepare for your world to be altered forever. You will find yourself never wanting to be tied down to something as restricting as permanent ink ever again! Typically sold with the Get Down to Disness WDW Daily Agenda book, these babies are lifesavers! When planning a trip, when working with a client, or even when making your personal to-do lists, is anything EVER really "written in stone." Maybe it's just me, but messy lists, things crossed off on guest folders make me nuts. The disorder of it bugs me, I like clean lines and order. This erasable pen was seemingly created specifically with "Type A" me in mind. I keep a handwritten calendar by my desk of every guests' important dates to remember (I'm so old school, I know) and I am forever buying White-Out (I know, I know, what an old broad) or crossing dates off as I make revisions. It's a mess, it looks awful and it can be confusing and counterproductive. This erasable pen and my old school calendar are about to become the best of friends. 
STICKERS!!!! There are 30 stickers of Mickey and all his pals in this box!!! Stickers people!!! I can't be the only one who gets a rush when they see sweet, pristine Minnie Mouse stickers just waiting to be stuck to something-to EVERYTHING! I am always on the hunt for decent-sized Disney themed stickers to adorn my guests' folders, envelopes, and packages. Something that gets them excited the SECOND they open up their mailbox and see that they have received something from me and immediately they know it's going to be EXCITING and good news! 
Little touches, like yet another raffle (crossing every finger) ticket that automatically enters me in for a chance to win either a personalized stroller or bag tag from 7 Threads. (And even if I'm not the lucky winner I scored a 20% off coupon in my box; this will be great to use when purchasing a client trip gift!) 
My absolute favorite item in this month's box is the gorgeous hardbound journal with a lovely inscription in gold script that reads, "Dream. Plan. Do." I feel like that so beautifully sums up my journey thus far. I've had this lifelong love for all things Disney and especially Disney travel. For so long, for too long I dreamt and wondered of how I could turn that passion and dream into something tangible. It was after years of dreaming and wondering that I finally began to make plans to stop talking and start doing. That plan turned into taking Kat's "Agent Prep" course, becoming a Travel Agent, and years later cut to me at my desk making guest trip dreams come true, listening to Disney music play through my desktop speakers while I research and connect with new people and get to do a job I actually love to do.
This lovely journal will be where I keep my task lists close at hand. Where my paper loving, list-making self will keep my thoughts organized and nearby. It will also be where I jot down thoughts and quotes that motivate me and keep me centered. Once it's full it will be the road map for how I rebounded from not only the most challenging year in my professional life but also my personal life. 
I find myself excited about this box, already making plans for where I will hang these Woody door tags, which guest will receive the ponchos, the first sticker will be placed on my laptop and then in my bin for trip folders...but I'm also already anticipating what will be in next month's box. As satisfied and elated as I am for what I JUST received, I've been spoiled and can't help but already be looking ahead to next month. These boxes have quickly become a lifeline for me as a Travel Agent and as a Disney fanatic. They speak directly to me, they GET me and we are going to make SO many guests happy together!
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