The Rain Can't Dampen Disney Days!

by christie grube Feb 15, 2021
I like to fancy myself a philosophical type, pretending that I somehow coined the phrase, "A rainy day in Disney is better than a sunny day anywhere else." Who knows, maybe I did, but it's more likely that I've ripped someone smarter off somewhere along the line. I'm currently type-type-typing away from my home in North Carolina where it has pretty much rained every day for easily the last two months. It's hard to not let the cloudy dreariness wear you down, especially during the throes of what continues to be Covid life, so as I always do when things feel heavy, I turn to thoughts of Disney. 
Florida is pretty much famous for three things DISNEY, beaches, and...well, rain. Chances are if you are vacationing in Florida pretty much any time of the year, their infamous pop-up showers will find you. Sometimes they pop up out of nowhere and move out as quickly as they moved in. Other times, storms come in and just sit on your day like a Mrs. Jumbo sized bummer. So, what do you do?
 You've spent your hard-earned moolah on this epic family vacation, you were promised magic, and now it's raining! Waah. So, do you high tail it back to the resort and watch the closed-circuit Disney resort channel (I can't be the only one who gets sucked into that for way too long), or do you dance in the rain?! LET'S DANCE! Here are my five favorite things to do when it's raining in Disney because, by golly, NOTHING will dampen my magical vacation!
#1 LITERALLY Dance in the Rain
Why not?! It's warm, you're wet and you are in the most magical place where we are ENCOURAGED to never grow up! Splash in those puddles, dance under the drops, and laugh! Your kids will be delighted, you'll be having so much fun that you probably won't even realize when the rain stops and the sun pops out! Disney World is the easiest place to embrace your inner kiddo, don't run from that or from the rain, the crowds will part as soon as the first drop falls and the whole park will be your dancefloor!
Remember to bring your ponchos with you, we especially love the cheap dollar store ponchos that can be tossed when the rain passes or even gifted to another family when you have decided to call it a day or head in to somewhere drier. Of course, Disney sells their own ponchos, they're pretty durable, pricey, but chances are you'll get some decent usage out of them during your stay. Florida is consistent that way.
The beauty of rain in Disney is that the masses will move out (as if they may melt) and you will have your pick of the attractions to head to and enjoy. If it's truly just a shower and not an electrical storm you will be able to enjoy just about every attraction on property still. This could be your best opportunity to get your place in line for the marquee attractions that typically have longer waits. Watch that forecast and formulate your plan, "First drops we make a run for Seven Dwarfs!" (Knees to chest people!!!!) Cast Members are also on top of the weather and if an electrical storm is in the forecast they will start warning guests about this news pretty early on...THEN, it's your opportunity before the word spreads to hustle over to your favorite popular indoor attraction. (Space Mountain anyone?)
You already have your My Disney Experience app downloaded to your smartphone (because you're smart like that...and if you're like me, you check wait times even from your house when you're nowhere near your Disney vacation) make sure you also have a good weather app downloaded as well. (Consider local Orlando news stations' weather apps)
There is no bad time to snack in Disney, and with so many indoor or covered places to eat, you'll be dry and well-fed. Use the news of a potential heavier downpour as an excuse to have an earlier (or later) than usual lunch or dinner. You'll make great use of the downtime while you ride out the storm, and you'll have even more time later on when everyone else comes to sit down for their regularly appointed mealtime. Our favorite spot in Magic Kingdom is Pinocchio Village Haus, ample seating and if you can get a spot on the Small World window side you can pass the time by waving to all of the Small World boats as they sail by. 
It's good to know in advance a few places to duck into in case the weather starts to get dicey. Familiarize yourself with these places well before the storm kicks up its heels. 
What a great time to hop on the monorail, Skyliner, boat, or bus to check out another resort. Is there a resort you've always been curious about? Head over there, and check it out! Snack on something at one of their restaurants or food courts, check out the fun resort specific merchandise in their dedicated gift shop, play some games in the arcade or kick back in one of their lounges and enjoy a frozen concoction. Who knows, you may end up finding a new favorite resort completely by chance! 
Or maybe this is the excuse you've been waiting for to get your own tired comrades back to the room for a midday break. Pile everyone onto the bus, head back and enjoy some downtime in your room before the clouds lift and you are ready to return for more Magic. (Remember that closed-circuit resort channel I missed, I dare you to not get completely sucked in by it!) Sometimes all everyone needs is a break, a chance to get off their feet, some dry clothes, and a little break so they can conquer the rest of the day in better spirits. 
Okay, this landed in the #5 spot only because it is sadly the most obvious and most popular choice when the rain hits. Hundreds of folks make a mad dash to the closest shops and many times huddle in masses right in the front of the shop. (C'mon people, space it out!) As much as I love shopping, running towards the shops can be a messy proposition. We do love the shops on Main Street USA that span nearly the entire street allowing you to shop in the dry and space out through their expansive space. Some of my favorite purchases have been made during epic downpours...hey, it's an EXCELLENT excuse to score yourself a brand new Spirit Jersey or seasonal sweatshirt. ("But the rain is a chilly rain." Practice saying that before your trip, it's quite believable.) 
If the day is just going to remain soggy and miserable the last thing you want to do is haul around your newly purchased treasures. Remember Disney is still offering to ship your merchandise back to your house via UPS or Fed-Ex for an additional fee. Additionally, as the phased reopening restrictions begin to lift, we hope to see resort delivery and delivery to the front of the parks resume again; that's such a huge help! 
I get it, you're sitting in the dry with your cocoa listening to your Disney playlist on Spotify and thinking, "Duh, of course, I'd do that if it started raining." Meh, you may, but you may not. It's good to have your weather plan in place before you head out for your day in the parks. Check the forecast before you leave your resort. Plan for rain, bring your lightweight, disposable ponchos, and look over that hourly weather predicter to formulate your plan for the day creating your "what if the weather doesn't cooperate" plan. 
Rain or shine, it's still the most magical place on earth. Even if you manage to have a trip with a solid soggy week, it will still likely be the best vacation you have ever had and your stomach will hurt from laughing as you dodge (or dance in) the raindrops. 
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