Should You Create a Facebook Group for Your Business?

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

Yes. The end. 😂 (I typed that as a joke to myself as I head into the 11th hour of the day at my computer and intended to delete it. But... maybe you got a laugh, too! Enjoy a glimpse into my personality.)

Facebook groups are incredible for business,  more so than business pages, and I'll tell you why. They let both you and your ideal customer get personal. Facebook groups are essentially communities, where like-minded people gather to have conversations about a common focus. Unlike on most business pages, you can let your guard down, use slang, be human and make a real and authentic connection with your audience. In other words, it's not all business.

You might be wondering:  "if it's not all business, how does it benefit your business at all?" Good question! It not only benefits your business but it can also propel it further than you've ever imagined with a simple, authentic formula:
Know ➡️ Like ➡️ Trust.

You see, inside a Facebook group or "community" (which I refer to mine as) you are building relationships. Before you ask anyone to buy anything from you, you really have to earn their trust. The way to do that is by being your true self. The BEST version of your true self-but authentically YOU.

Letting people in, allows them to form an opinion of you (Know) and decide if they want to stick around for more of it (Like). When they keep coming back again and again because they can relate to you, enjoy the conversations, and get fulfillment out of them, a foundation of Trust is built. 

Of course, not everyone in your group will be a customer, but you will have become a trusted source they will feel confident in recommending to their friends far and wide, if not for themselves. And all by just being generous with your time, information, and personal insights. I recommend all students of my programs have a group, no matter what industry you're in or the topic you want to focus on. Customer conversations are happening about all of them, all the time.

Setting up a Facebook Group is free and easy! If you would like to learn how, download my FREE Facebook Set-Up Guide and take the first step to adding authenticity and loyal customers to your business.

Do you have a Facebook group? What's it about? Feel free to share the link!



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