Sir Mickey's: It's All in the Details!

The Walt Disney World Resort is phenomenal in so many ways. Maybe most of all for its attention to detail and how everything from attractions to resorts and even gift shops, have a back-story. Yes, even gift shops!

When you begin your planning, be sure to factor in time to smell the roses and explore the details. In the Magic Kingdom, as you walk through the awe inspiring Cinderella Castle and make your way toward the magic of Fantasyland, such a wondrous little shop lies. Before you reach any attraction or encounter any Princesses, just to the right, you will find Sir Mickey’s. You can’t miss it, look for the building with a beanstalk vine growing through it!

Sir Mickey’s theme, or back-story if you will, is a culmination of two Mickey Mouse tales of long ago, “The Brave Little Tailor” (1938) and “Mickey and the Beanstalk” (1947). Both tales feature Mickey Mouse and Willie the Giant in different roles.

Though there are nods to the other cartoon as well (particularly the beanstalk vine), the exterior signage and window mostly pays homage to Mickey the tailor’s story. The sign for the store shows Mickey the tailor himself and the window depicts his workshop with sewing table, shears, fabrics and threads. Take notice of the “Out Giant Hunting, Back Soon!” sign and sketches of garments he’s made or intends to make. You can view the cartoon for fun on YouTube here:

When you step inside, you are immersed in a moment of the Beanstalk story. Mickey is walking along the beanstalk with a lantern and Willie the Giant is actually “lifting” the roof to peak in and look for Mickey Mouse! Willie is often overlooked if you can believe that. Must be that visitors are so interested in the wares sold here that they fail to take notice.

After all, you can find a wide variety of souvenirs, clothing, towels, bags, sunglasses, hats and more. They used to offer embroidery for hats and ears at this location, but no longer do. While there are mirrors, be aware, there are no fitting rooms.

How about a little history? Sir Mickey’s only opened its doors in 1996. The first shop to open in this location back in 1972, was Merlin’s Magic Shop which sold a vast assortment of magic tricks and magician merchandise until 1986, when it then became Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Opening a few short years after the debut of the movie of the same name, the shop exclusively sold Disney holiday merchandise for 10 years until it closed. Sir Mickey’s has been there ever since, and so far there is no plan or rumor that it will change any time soon.

Next time you are in the Magic Kingdom, definitely plan to take the time and visit this little gem. Be on the hunt for several Hidden Mickey’s as well!

No matter where you fall on the Disney planning scale, one thing is for sure...dreaming about a trip, getting all of the details down and creating an agenda for each day-down to the snacks you will try- is the best medicine to suppress the symptoms of the Disney blues.

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