Smile and Say, "Memory Maker!"

by brianna moore Feb 16, 2022

“1, 2, 3: Cheeeeese!” We live in a world where we want to document everything, right? Pictures are one of my favorite ways of reliving a special vacation - especially a Walt Disney World vacation. How many times have you tried to take a selfie of the whole family only to have someone’s face cut out, your expression perplexed, someone looking at the screen and not the lens, and you lost out on the scenery in the background? OR how many of you always end up being the one behind the lens capturing everyone else? I’m looking at you, mamas!

Disney has an answer to all of these dilemmas called Memory Maker. By purchasing Memory Maker, you get digital versions of ride photos/videos and photos from as many PhotoPass photographers as you can stop at dropped straight into your My Disney Experience account.

Then let's talk about Magic Shots! These beauties are a little bit of surprise magic that your photographer will set up for you. When you download your photos, you may realize a favorite Disney friend showed up in your picture or a special effect for the season. I always make sure to ask what Magic Shots the photographer has before walking away if they don’t initiate one first. 

The best part is that your travel agent can get you a discounted price! I’m often asked if it’s “worth it.” I give a resounding “YES!” I’ve been known to come home with hundreds of pictures from Memory Maker. Plus, I know I’m going to have memories of my entire group and the fun attractions we experienced together. Who doesn’t love a pre-planned silly ride photo?


If you are ready to get the ball rolling for a Disney vacation, click HERE and we’ll be in touch soon!


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