Split Stay, You Say?

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2021

Have you ever wanted to sample a couple of different resorts during a Disney trip, but weren’t sure of the logistics - like managing your luggage and transferring resorts in the middle of a trip? Wonder no more!

Earlier this summer, I went a little wild and stayed at 3 different resorts during my week-long trip. There was a heck of a room discount available, so I thought this was my chance to stay at some resorts that would normally be out of my budget. We enjoyed stays at Gran Destino Tower at Coronado Springs, Riviera Resort, and Yacht Club, with one-night stays at both Coronado and Riviera. So, what’s the deal with a split stay?

1. Pack and unpack wisely (Not a photo of my actual luggage. Do you know where this picture was taken though? Tell us in the comments!)

We spent our first 3 nights in 3 different resorts, so we needed to be strategic in how we packed and also in how we unpacked. There was no hanging up clothes for the week or claiming drawers for those first few nights. We made sure we knew what outfit we wanted for the next day and had our toiletry items easy to access. Mornings weren’t much more rushed than normal, but I would suggest allowing an extra 20 minutes more than normal to make sure you have everything packed, double-check the room, and head to bell services/luggage services.

2. Drop off at bell services/luggage services

This is where the Disney magic comes through! Disney will transfer your luggage between resorts for you. Bell services or luggage services is usually located near the main entrance of the resort, but I would suggest double-checking the exact location the night before so you don’t spend precious morning minutes looking for it. Let the Cast Member know that you are checking out of that resort and checking in to a different resort later that day. They will make note of how many items you have and give you a confirmation slip. My advice is to pack your patience because it can take most of the day for bags to arrive at the next resort.

3. Hop that bus/monorail/Skyliner/boat and ENJOY!

Since you are going to pack your patience, you might as well hop aboard your favorite mode of transportation and hit a park for rope drop! When you come “home” that evening, you can either pick up your bags from bell services/luggage services yourself or ask them to deliver the bags to your room. I would not hesitate to do another split stay (again and again, actually). It was a great opportunity to stay at some resorts that might not normally be in the budget for a week-long stay but were manageable for a night or two.

QUESTION: What two Walt Disney World resorts would you love to do a split-stay at?

If you are thinking about a trip to Walt Disney World this year or next, click HERE and we can chat or get the ball rolling.


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