The Start of Something New

truth bombs Mar 13, 2019

Trying something new isn't always easy, but, trying something new is always essential for changing a lackluster situation. Whether your dream is to become a travel agent and spend your days planning Disney vacations or something else entirely, the fact is, something old and familiar needs to change or be eliminated to make way for the new and exciting.

Your thought process, your frame of mind, your schedule and even how much spare or "me" time you have. All of these things-and more-will be affected when you embark on a new journey. Messing with our comfort zone is a challenging business. We like it there, it's comfortable! There are no surprises and it's safe there in the c-zone. But, there are no surprises and it's safe, which also equates to boring or the aforementioned "lackluster".

While it's natural to want to mix things up and jump on the bandwagon of some new and shiny opportunity that presents itself to you, (there are hundreds advertising to us daily on social media) it's foolish to do this in haste. There are some undeniable truths about embarking on a new path that should be understood before you tell your overbearing, jerk of a boss, to go shove it because you've found your calling.

For instance, beginning a new pursuit requires a certain amount of resolve and level of dedication if you have any chance of being successful at it. The fact is, in almost all cases, you aren't going to be making any money at it in the beginning of a new venture. Sometimes not for a long while. In fact, it will likely require you to invest money to get started. This is a harsh reality, but a reality nonetheless. Because of this, you need to be as sure as you possibly can of your passion and belief in yourself to put in the time and effort required to start anew and create the life you want to have.

Before you consider taking any steps toward a shift in your career, dig deep within yourself and get real. Are you so ready to make a change that you're willing to sacrifice for it? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you ready to give up any spare time, including your weekends, to work towards your goals?
  • Would you cut back on Starbucks, take-out, mani-pedis or any other splurge-spend to fund an investment into your future?
  • Can you honestly say you would choose to focus on your new endeavor over binge-watching a series on Netflix while snuggled up on your comfy couch?

If you can't say yes to all of these things, it's not the right time for you to embark on something new. Honestly, you need to have incredible drive and intense passion to be successful and live your best life. Not everyone is wired to be a dynamo at every stage of their life. But EVERYONE has the power within themselves to make a change for the better at any stage of life. It's never too late to be what you might of been. So if you answered a resounding YES! to all of those questions, then my friend, you are in the right headspace to move mountains in your life. Believe and soar!



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