TOP Quick Service Picks in the Parks

by brianna moore Feb 16, 2022

“What do you want for lunch?” 

“I don’t know. What sounds good to you?” 

“I don’t know. What’s close by, and what’s on the menu?” 

Does this conversation sound familiar? And does it always tend to happen at peak eating times when everyone is hangry, hot, and worn out? If making reservations and spending 90 minutes eating isn’t your jam, then skip the table-service and go with quick-service. Disney doesn’t just do burgers and fries, my friends! Settle in for my favorite quick-service dining locations at each theme park.

Hollywood Studios: Woody’s Lunch Box (Toy Story Land)

This one is for the grownups who just want to be kids again! Enjoy grilled cheese, potato barrels, homemade pastries reminiscent of Pop Tarts, larger than life toys, and the sounds of Slinky Dog Dash. 

Magic Kingdom: Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe (Frontierland)

I’ll be the first to admit that the Magic Kingdom leaves much to be desired when it comes to dining - I’m there for the snacks, really! But Pecos Bill is my go-to meal! I love the courtyard-style sitting room on the left of the dining room. You can choose from tacos, nachos, fajitas, and usually a seasonal dessert. I even won over my picky husband with the fajita sampler!

Animal Kingdom: Satu’li Canteen (Pandora)

This is another one of those “not-your-typical-theme-park-food” locations. Don’t let the names or pictures scare you away from anything - it’s all good! Choose from bowls, cheeseburger pods, and out of this world cheesecake!

Epcot: Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie (France Pavilion)

Ok, I think I’ve saved the best for last here. Imagine all the French pastries your heart could desire. You like fruity? Got it. You like chocolate? Got it. You like savory ham and cheese on a croissant? Got it. No item is too large, so feel free to get several and share!

Pro-tip: Do online ordering at as many of these locations as possible. Lines get looooong during peak dining times, and we really want you to avoid the meltdowns mentioned above!

These are just some of the recommendations, tips, and tricks that we love to share with our guests. If you want help planning a magical vacation, click HERE to get the ball rolling or just get some info.


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