This October Box is SO Good It's SCARY!

by christie grube Oct 15, 2021

The Fall, and specifically Halloween are my FAVORITE times of year. I love the crunch of leaves, the cooler mornings & evenings, bonfires, comfy sweatshirts, spooky movies and the excitement that this season is the kick off to SO MUCH holiday fun to come. Fall just feels like the gateway to months FULL of festivities, family, friends and fun. This October Launch Box is THE epitome of FUN. Dare I's my favorite box to date...gasp!

A very cool element to this box is that it's a dual celebration-palooza box. First, the obvious, yay Halloween, what's October without it?! Then, there is the Travel Agent's DREAM bonus which is theming surrounding Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary. This Anniversary is obviously a HUGE deal in the travel industry. It is something that we, as agents have been promoting the CONFETTI out of to drum up business and continue the "Let's travel again" momentum. There are some really fantastic materials in here to use for self promotion, giveaways, for guest gifting and heck...what about just for little ole' me?

The biggest WOW factor piece for me in this month's box was the adorable Mickey Mouse drawstring backpack. I'm telling you, THIS was an absolute jaw dropper. Not only do the colors scream "Anniversary" but this bag is STURDY-way more sturdy than your run of the mill cheap-o drawstring bags, this one is the real deal. It's also super roomy, perfect for park days, trick-or-treating and DEFINITELY perfect for guest gifts and final document send-offs. (At least for you generous folks out there. However, what has two thumbs and is totes keeping that bag? This.Gal.) 

Celebration Buttons could be everyone's favorite freebie at Disney World. For one, they're free and secondly they are DEFINITELY going to get you some celebratory shout-outs and special attention while you visit. The downside, they all look EXACTLY the same. Why fit in when you were BORN to stand out?! Kat included two ADORABLE celebration buttons that commemorate this historical WDW Anniversary. What a sweet keepsake to remember this moment in time whether you make it to the parks or not. (AND there's even a coupon for 15% off other fun buttons from the shop that created these cuties. Buttons can be such an inexpensive but extremely personal gift to send to guests. I plan on fully taking advantage of that savings.) 

If you've been savvy enough to take advantage of Kat's genius and be a part of her "Plussing It" platform or taken her "Agent Prep Course" you know that aside from being a learned Travel Agent, natural motivator and Disney aficionado she is also a highly gifted, creative Graphic Designer. Month after month (and in between) we are gifted fruits of her labor with one of a kind designs that she has concocted. This month is no different, all Launch Box recipients received 50  Opening Day Attraction Challenges. These are very clean, very cute, they SCREAM DISNEY, and are perfectly sized checklists for guests to take on their trips.

The challenge is to ride as many of the original attractions from 1971 that still have a beloved spot in Magic Kingdom. This is the coolest way for guests to REALLY feel connected to opening day and feel like they are part of history. (Annnd something they can't get ANYWHERE else!!! Not available in stores people!!! I don't know about you, but I feel like that makes me a super agent to get my hands on stuff like this!)

The elephant in the big Travel Agent room remains Covid. We may try to put it aside, we may try to pretend it's "business as usual" but we all know it's not. That jerky virus is still around and is still a concern in the minds of guests and our vendor partners. Show your guests that their safety remains top of mind for you. Let's not ignore the circumstances surrounding us, let's add it to our list of services. We don't only book trips, but we TRULY care about our guests. In this month's box there are THE cutest themed masks. FOUR to be exact! THREE adult sized and one child sized for your guests to take with them as they get their BOO on at this year's Disney's "Boo Bash," at their school's holiday events or wherever else they may need to masked up.

In the spirit of never being too old for Halloween OR trick-or-treating (heck, I trick or treat our post-Halloween candy bowl for breakfast!) Kat made sure to give us all TRICK annnnnd TREAT bags. I absolutely love the travel sized goodies like Tic Tacs and hand sanitizing wipes. Those will be so fun to stow away in a guests trip bag. Besides, who doesn't love those awesome paper treat goodie bags. (My kids always said only the "rich neighbors" did the goodie bags.) I love that it's another way to add a touch of whimsy to my October travelers'  final document packages. 

I already have raffle envy, the special raffle prize for this month is a "Hocus Pocus" board game!!! There is just something about the Fall that makes me want to turn on the fireplace (it's one of those less sexy gas fireplaces), make some mugs of cocoa, grab some blankets and stretch out on the floor and play some board games with the kiddos. They would go NUTS over this game. Someone is about to become a Halloween hero when they tell their family what they won! 

It's funny, in the Fall we are watching things in essence get crispy and die out, but the season itself feels just the opposite. Fall makes me feel energized, hopeful, excited and ready to be productive, successful and HAPPY. This box was just the perfect amount of functional and fun and is motivating me to get the house DECORATED and book a record number of trips...SIMULTANEOUSLY! Receiving these boxes and their priceless tools are the best kick off to every month. I open that blue box and feel like I am set up to succeed. Bring on the Fall...I'm not scared!

There's room for JUST ONE more Launch Box member! Grab your 3 month subscription for November, December and January here: SNAG THE LAUNCH BOX




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