Grow Your Perfect Audience

Follow these key steps to creating simple, powerful, and fun live videos that convert viewers into lasting followers, fans, clients or customers.

😰 Let me guess, you WANT to go live on camera for your business, but you:

😩 Don’t want to look or sound stupid

🤔 Don’t even know what to say

🥺 Are afraid nobody will watch

🙈 HATE how you look on camera

🤢 Are just too nervous about awkward moments

😒 Doubt anyone wants to hear what you have to say

Sound familiar? Yep, these were all of my excuses too.

The fear of sounding and looking awkward holds us back from so much good in life and success in business. While I can’t guide you through every scary adventure, I CAN provide you with the tools (and kick in the pants) you need to:

  • Overcome your hesitation to going live on camera
  • Be confident that your content is exactly what your audience wants and needs to hear
  • Be on your way to growing your audience and business

😊 In the 25+ years I have spent in marketing and business development, I've seen the unparalleled impact going live has on business growth. Inside Go Live, Grow!, I pull back the curtain on the secrets I've learned and personally utilized to making it all work. I'd love to teach it to you!

What Exactly is Go Live, Grow!...

GO LIVE, GROW! is an at-your-pace, online training course on how to create simple, fun and effective live videos with confidence, NO MATTER WHAT BUSINESS you're in. You'll learn exactly what to say and how to say it to your audience, so they tune in again and again.

What is Included with Go Live, Grow!...

5 Training Modules

1. Defining Live
Both a necessary evil and the greatest thing you can do for your business, learn what exactly going live is and isn't.

2. Getting to Know Them (and you)
Create your ideal viewer profile, learn what to say and how to say it, truly understand what makes your viewers tick, and how you are just like them. Plus, you'll create 52 engaging topics to go live about!

3. Delivery
Discover what the 7 Essential Elements to successful live videos are and how to turn any topic into an engaging conversation.

4. Taking Action
Learn what you need both physically and emotionally to click that start button and go live with confidence!

5. Final Thoughts
Discover the often ignored, ultimate secret to having success with live video.

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Supportive Downloads

Battle the overwhelm and learn even more with INCREDIBLE supporting content available for download within the training:

Helpful Worksheets
Customizable scripts
Cheat Sheets
Talking Points

These are all included to PLUS your learning experience, support and drive home the teaching points so your live videos are effective in reaching your audience.

Years of market research and producing engaging content comes together to create what you will find to be invaluable tips, tricks, advice and done-for-you outlines to get and keep your audience engaged.

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Private Support Group

Go Live, Grow! has its very own private support community, which is exclusive to students of the course.

Ask questions, practice your live videos, get opinions, support and share ideas with fellow students. Maybe even make new friends and business partners!

You'll have questions and we'll be in the support group to answer them! Our success is defined by yours, so utilize this community to hone your skills and be the best you can be. We will be with you and supporting you throughout your journey.


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What People are Saying About Grow Live, Grow!

Scroll through the comments below and hear from those already diving into the Go Live, Grow!, to help you decide if this course is right for you.

"I utilized the Discussion Topics Planner from the Go Live, Grow lessons. HOLY CANNOLI! WHAT AN AMAZING TOOL! I feel like I have found a new voice and I'm speaking directly to my target audience! Thank you (again)...Your programs are absolutely priceless to me!"

Melissa L.
Travel Agent Specializing in Disney Destinations

"I had the privilege of taking the Go Live, Grow course and let me tell you it beats any other program I have ever taken when it comes to doing social media lives or even podcasting. If you are looking to truly expand your reach and your business, I urge you to take this course as soon as you can. It will change the way you market to your clients and prospective clients forever. "

Shannon B.
Business Owner

"This course was full of incredible information and resources!!!"

Christina S.
Travel Agent Specializing in Disney Destinations

"I've never been someone that has had any desire to go live. In fact, even though I knew it would be beneficial for my business, I purposefully avoided it due to confidence issues, fear, and just overall laziness! Kat approaches an often unnerving topic as a confident and capable teacher and friend who wants nothing more than for you to succeed! She provides you with the tools and self assurance to take on this daunting task and do it well!"

Casey B.
Boutique Owner

"Kat is such an inspiration and the best cheerleader ever!!! I feel so inspired like I've got this."

Wendy S.
Travel Specialist

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About the Instructor

With over 25 years in advertising, marketing and graphic design, Kat Wolfe has been using her expertise to grow her audiences and build her businesses. For the last ten years in the Disney space, she's cultivated a loyal, engaged and supportive following and loves sharing her growth strategies with her students.

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