Don't take our word for it, read what a few of our Graduates have to say about their Agent Prep Program experience:

"This program is a great, easy to follow, go at your own pace, interactive, BEYOND helpful, and a necessary tool in helping you turn travel agent dreams into a reality. It's confidence boosting, informative and absolutely takes away so much of the "fear of the unknown." Kat is a born teacher whose knowledge of Disney and the inner workings of the travel biz are priceless". -Christie G.

"This program is absolutely wonderful!! I have learned so much and felt very prepared and confident for interviews with agencies!! If you have ever thought about taking the leap, do this program first- you will most definitely not regret it!!"  -Betsy S.

"This at your own pace course was definitely a great step at pursuing my dream of becoming a Disney travel agent. This course is very resourceful with downloads and content not found on the web.  This course helped educate me and prepare me for what to expect and how to the best agent I can be. Kat’s patience and knowledge is a priceless component in this course. For anyone looking to get into the field, this course will help you prepare in every magical way possible." -Nicole P.

"This class is an amazing opportunity for anyone wanting to get into the travel industry! I highly recommend this class and learning from the best! Thank you Kat for an amazing experience and the knowledge you continue to share with each of us daily!" -Crystal A.

"I loved this course! I was on the fence about becoming a travel agent because I was unsure of what it actually takes and what I would need to know. This course lays it all out in easy to follow, learn, and understand lessons. I am so happy I said yes because I am now with an Ear Marked agency! Even now I can review the course, ask questions, and post updates...plus I have made amazing new friends through this group. I am so glad I made the decision to sign up." -Tiffany S.

"If it wasn’t for having this opportunity to take this class I never would have been able to reach my dreams to become a Disney Travel agent. It really helped get my foot in the door. The modules were not very long , but are very engaging. The Facebook group is fun to be in especially when we all have the same questions. Best part of all, is I have met my new Disney fam and many of them are my new coworkers. If this is what your really want to do in your life and it’s your calling take this class. I promise, you won’t regret it." -Jeanna K.

"I could not recommend this class more. I am also a full-time teacher and mom of two young girls. I did not think my dream of being a travel agent was possible but this class gave me the push and the tools that I needed. It is also inspiring to see the successes of my classmates. You will not regret investing in yourself by taking this class." -Melissa H.

"This class is wonderful for those who are ardent Disney fans (like me) who want to learn more about how to make trips for others magical. You can go as fast or as slow as it works for you. The content is easy to follow and Kat provides tons of tips and tools!" -Deborah A.

"This was such a great learning opportunity (completed while working two jobs) and I continue to be inspired and motivated because it's a "complete at your own pace" but still loaded with new ideas and content that inspired me to finish. I am so happy and proud to say I was hired within one week of completing the course and can't wait to officially be able to say I am licensed (it's in the mail). This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!" -Jennifer C.

"If your dream is to help other people experience and love Disney as much as you do, you HAVE to take this course! This is an amazing opportunity and Kat is an awesome and giving teacher. I love that you go at your own pace and have a great built in support group in the others going through the class with you! You will be SO glad you jumped in and followed your dream." -Tawnya M.

"This course is amazing!!!! It is worth everything! You might think you know everything about Disney when you plan your own trips, but there is so much more to learn! You get to go at your own pace, you can print out the courses to help you study, if you wish, there is an amazing support group in not only Kat, but everyone else who is taking the course with you and before you. All the the downloads are really invaluable and help you so much and give you much more insight than you knew before. If your dream is to be a Disney Travel agent, this course will help!!!! You will not regret it!" -Audrey P.



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