BUSTED! 5 Animal Kingdom Myths Debunked

Bust These 5 Animal Kingdom Myths to Boost Your Disney Vacation Experience

Also, try these challenges to enhance your experience!

by Suzanne Burmeister

If you’re excited about—or trying to convince someone else to be excited about—Animal Kingdom, then you need to confront these five common Animal Kingdom myths. You’ll find all the reasons you need to visit this extraordinary park and have the best time while you’re there!

Myth #1: Animal Kingdom is the Largest Park, so Get Ready to Walk A LOT! Reality: Although Animal Kingdom is the largest park at Walt Disney World (and the whole world!) at 530 acres, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to wear your best walking shoes. The walking distance around the park for the visitor is only 2.27 miles.

If you’re interested: Check out the other walking distances at the following URL (spoiler: Epcot has the longest walking path at 2.78 miles): http://knowdw.com/theme-parks/walking-distance-disney-world/ You’ll still need to pace yourself, because Animal Kingdom has a lot to explore. But Epcot will likely feel like longer distances. Animal Kingdom’s sprawling size is due to the zoological provisions, much of which you won’t see.  

Challenge: If you’ve got a step-counter, track how many steps you take in each park. See which one clocked the most! 

Myth #2: Animal Kingdom is Just Another Zoo
Unlike other theme parks at Walt Disney World, you’ll check out live animal exhibits—but that doesn’t mean that’s all you’ll find. Unlike most zoos, you’ll also find exciting rides, shows, and other attractions designed to impress. Animal Kingdom has seven themed areas, including Africa, Asia, DinoLand U.S.A., and Pandora—the World of Avatar. In all of these areas, you can enjoy unique experiences certain to make memories.

Challenge: Can you visit every themed area? Check every one off. Don’t miss any experience!   

Myth #3: You Won’t Find Any Nighttime Events at Animal Kingdom
While Animal Kingdom closes earlier than most other parks, you can still find a lot of great activities to do when the sun goes down. For instance, check out the bio luminescent lights of Pandora. Not only will you be surrounded by glowing plants, floating mountains, and shining walkways underneath. You can also see the animals at night during the Kilimanjaro Safari. Be forewarned: While the nocturnal animals are more active, you may see others less active than they were during the day.

Often you’ll see a group of people gathered in front of the Tree of the Life at night. The reason is a stunning projection show you won’t want to miss. Hidden animals will suddenly come to life. Also, you’ll want to line up to see the Rivers of Light. This show combines water, light, and music to create a wonderful experience.

Challenge: You can also take advantage of Animal Kingdom After Hours, which is a special ticketed event allowed for a limited number of guests. You’ll feel like you have the whole park to yourself. Let us help you find the available dates and ticket prices!  

Myth #4: You Won’t Find Any of the Popular Rides at Animal Kingdom
If you’re under the impression that Animal Kingdom only focuses on live animals, then you’re sadly mistaken. One of the most popular rides right now is Avatar’s Flight of Passage. There, you’ll ride a banshee and explore a 3D immersive world, all while experiencing what it feels like to really fly. That’s definitely a ride for which you’ll need a FastPass. Make sure you’re ready to grab one once your FastPass+ window opens up. Hint: We can help with that.

Challenge: Can you ride all the most popular rides in Walt Disney World? See if you can hit Animal Kingdom’s Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog at Hollywood Studios, Seven Dwarves Mine Ride at Magical Kingdom, and Frozen Ever After at Epcot. You’ll have hit the most coveted rides at Disney!  

Myth #5: The Food Isn’t Great at Animal Kingdom
When you get hungry at Animal Kingdom, you have some fantastically delicious options. One of my favorite table service restaurants is the Yak and Yeti where you can find some unique Asian inspired dishes. However, if you’re more concerned about getting something fast, why not hit up the Flame Tree Barbecue, which offers some outstanding ribs? If you want something more healthy, you can eat some of the best theme park food (in my opinion) at Satu’li Canteen. I highly recommend the Chili-Garlic Shrimp Bowl. So yummy!  

Challenge: Are you vigilant about eat three square meals a day? How about trying to eat all three meals inside Animal Kingdom! Can you find the best offerings? Let us help! Send us an email or fill out this quote form and tell us a little bit about the Magical Disney adventure you are looking to have. Our Authorized Disney Vacation Planners with Destinations to Travel are out of this world!

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