WDW at the Moment - July 2021 Recap

Aug 05, 2021

It feels like every time you turn around, there is an update coming out about a change at Walt Disney World. Lately, we’ve been getting notifications about more dining, experiences, shows, and resorts reopening - woohoo! There are lots of subtle changes happening in the parks, though, and if you don’t go regularly, you might miss some of these.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited Walt Disney World 4 times in the past year since the reopening, and each time has been different. My last trip was in mid-July, and there were two main changes that caught my attention: rope drop and mobile ordering.


Rope Drop Changes

This was a hard one for this rope-dropping girl. For the last year, I have been that crazy lady who is at the bus stop 90 minutes before the scheduled park opening time. Before your eyes bug out of your head too much, let me say that for the past year, the parks were opening WELL before the scheduled opening time. Like, “ride 2-3...

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The Party of the Century!

Jun 26, 2021

The Walt Disney World Resort turns 50 this year and they are knocking this party out of the theme park ALL YEAR LONG! Be a part of history and visit during the World's Most Magical Celebration!

Beginning October 1, 2021, new and exciting experiences abound throughout the entire resort. Let our trusted partner travel experts at Destinations to Travel be your planning partner to ensure you get the absolute MOST out of your days at Walt Disney World. 

GET A FREE QUOTE HERE (seriously, no obligation to book-but their services are free when you do, so really, why not?)

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'Twas the Night Before Disney

Dec 03, 2020


‘Twas the night before Disney and all through the house,

No one was asleep, too excited for the Mouse!

Our bags were long packed, placed in the car with care,

Trimmed with magical luggage tags, so they too would get there.


The kids tossed with excitement and glee in their beds

While visions of Mickey bars swirled in their heads.

And with me perusing my list and he checking his,

We found how impossible getting rest is.


When all of a sudden the panic struck me.

I jumped up, hit the light, as I needed to see!

I pulled out my trusty planner, checking it twice.

This feeling of dread, it was really not nice!


Touring plans were made, reservations secured

Our days planned to a “T” so we’d never be bored.

The flights were confirmed, the boarding passes in hand

Along with a map of New Fantasyland.


What could I have missed, I have covered it all?

I’d spent 12 months planning so we’d all have a ball.

Some coins for pressed...

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BUSTED! 5 Animal Kingdom Myths Debunked

May 18, 2020

Bust These 5 Animal Kingdom Myths to Boost Your Disney Vacation Experience

Also, try these challenges to enhance your experience!

by Suzanne Burmeister

If you’re excited about—or trying to convince someone else to be excited about—Animal Kingdom, then you need to confront these five common Animal Kingdom myths. You’ll find all the reasons you need to visit this extraordinary park and have the best time while you’re there!

Myth #1: Animal Kingdom is the Largest Park, so Get Ready to Walk A LOT! Reality: Although Animal Kingdom is the largest park at Walt Disney World (and the whole world!) at 530 acres, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to wear your best walking shoes. The walking distance around the park for the visitor is only 2.27 miles.

If you’re interested: Check out the other walking distances at the following URL (spoiler: Epcot has the longest walking path at 2.78 miles): http://knowdw.com/theme-parks/walking-distance-disney-world/...

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