Slow Your Troll

Mar 14, 2019

Troll v. : to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content

In other words, a real pain in the a**. When you market your business online (and who doesn't these days), you open yourself up to a slew of personality types to tend with, but trolls are in a whole league of their own. They feed on creating drama, distrust, self-doubt and causing mayhem for you and your genuine audience. While I personally will never understand what fuels this type of behavior or how it is in any way rewarding, I have had to deal with my share of trolls over the years. Allow me to share my "been-there, done-that and now I'm writing the blog post" experience with you. Maybe you'll be better prepared (emotionally) than I was at the start of my business growth.

By nature, I am a people-pleaser, which has been a phenomenal trait to have in growing my business. Exceeding expectations is great for referrals! Truth be told,  I...

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The Start of Something New

Mar 13, 2019

Trying something new isn't always easy, but, trying something new is always essential for changing a lackluster situation. Whether your dream is to become a travel agent and spend your days planning Disney vacations or something else entirely, the fact is, something old and familiar needs to change or be eliminated to make way for the new and exciting.

Your thought process, your frame of mind, your schedule and even how much spare or "me" time you have. All of these things-and more-will be affected when you embark on a new journey. Messing with our comfort zone is a challenging business. We like it there, it's comfortable! There are no surprises and it's safe there in the c-zone. But, there are no surprises and it's safe, which also equates to boring or the aforementioned "lackluster".

While it's natural to want to mix things up and jump on the bandwagon of some new and shiny opportunity that presents itself to you, (there are hundreds advertising to us daily on social media) it's...

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Fun and CHEAP WDW Tours

Oct 01, 2018

What’s a fun Walt Disney World tour option that won’t break the bank or eat up an entire day?

There are some really great tour options that don’t receive a lot of fanfare in Disney circles. Although there are some really amazing, high dollar tours that may tempt the pocketbook there are also more budget friendly options as well. These tours can be a great way to get some behind the scenes insight, make amazing trip memories and still have you back in time for your Space Mountain FastPass+ and dinner at the Crystal Palace. Two stand outs for me are the “Behind the Seeds” tour at Epcot and the “Caring for Giants” experience at Animal Kingdom.

If you are a fan of Epcot’s “Living with the Land” attraction then the “Behind the Seeds” tour is a must do for you and your family. Great for kids of all ages, this modestly priced ($25 pp), hour long tour will take you behind the scenes of the amazing agriculture of WDW. ...

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Review: Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour

Nov 21, 2014

In short...3 hours and about $150 (for 3 adults) well spent! Tours have become our way of keeping things new and exciting after so many visits to the Walt Disney World Resort. We count on them to provide insight, innovation and a bit of Disney magic that we haven't yet encountered. The Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour did not disappoint! This 2.5 hour guided adventure through the Magic Kingdom, lead by one of the most eager, knowledgeable and inspired tour guides we have had yet, was the highlight of our vacation.

Our party consisted of myself, my husband and my Dad. All great fans of Walt Disney, the man and his vision. Along with us were 13 other like-minded adults, seeking to learn a bit more about Walt's inspirations, the people he surrounded himself with and how his perseverance and perfectionist mindset lead to great advances in animation, animatronics and storytelling as a whole. You can read many books and articles online about what you will learn, but the gem of this tour...

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