Here are few of the questions we most often get relating to our programs and memberships. Don't see your question? Email us at HERE and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Q: What are the terms of the Plussing It Membership?

A: You can read the terms and conditions of the Plussing It Membership HERE.

Q: Do the Agent Prep Program lessons occur at a specific time each day? What if the time isn't convenient?

A: No worries, the Agent Prep Program is a complete-at-your-pace online educational course that you gain lifetime access to when you enroll. You'll engage in and complete the lessons on your time. While there are weekly live chats with the instructor, they are recorded live so anyone unable to be present can watch the replay.

Q: Is it possible to be a travel planner on a part-time basis?

A: It absolutely is. Most of the agents we know have other jobs as well.

Q: After I complete this Agent Prep course, will I be a certified travel agent?

A: No, this course does not certify you as a travel agent. There is no certification required to be a travel agent. What is required is know-how in terms of planning, customer service, interviewing, marketing and selling. That is what you will have after completing this course.

Q: Will further training be needed after I complete the Agent Prep course?

A: You should never stop learning and there will always be opportunities to learn more. Disney is ever-changing. Specifically relating to your question however, most agencies will have a training period specific to their operations. So yes, you likely will have another round of training once you get signed with an agency.

Q: Will I be an Earmarked Authorized Disney Travel Planner after taking this course?

A: Disney's Earmarked status is a designation exclusive to travel agencies, not individual travel agents. This program is not associated with the Walt Disney Travel Company in any way (my lawyer made me say that). Completing this program will provide you with education and skills that an Earmarked agency should find appealing for novice agents to possess. 

Q: I've only been to the Walt Disney World Resort, can I still be a travel agent?

A: While some agencies will have destination visit requirements, not all do. If you are strong in your knowledge and confident in your ability to sell the one product, there is no reason why you couldn't. You just may have to look around a bit for the right opportunity.

Q: What does Lifetime Access mean?

A: It means as long as the instructor is alive and well, the company is still in business and the course is active, anyone who enrolled in a program will have access to that program indefinitely.

Q: Can you become a full-time agent right away or should you start out part-time?

A: While you could put in full-time commitment to growing your business, getting leads and making sales, you don't earn income until after travel completes. So it could take months before you make any money. Therefore, beginning the journey as a part-time, second job is how most agents begin.

Q: I really don't like social media, can I still be successful?

A: Social media marketing is essential to growing a successful business today. This likely is not the right path for you.

Q: What are the perks to being a travel agent?

A: There are quite a few that we discuss in the program. However, in order to reap the benefits, you must reach a certain sales goal. The "perks" are for those who whistle while they work hard at building their business.

Q: Does completion of the Agent Prep course guarantee me a job as a travel agent?

A: No, there is no guarantee of a job at the completion of this course. That is entirely up to you to make happen. You will however be prepared for an interview and the position, if you've done all the work as outlined in the program.

Q: Are the photos in the Swipe Gallery really royalty free?

A: Students who enrolled in the Agent Prep Program have our express written permission to use those photos to promote themselves and their personal travel business in accordance with the terms as outlined within the gallery. So, yes.

Q: How old is too old and how young is too young to be a travel agent?

A: You must be at least 18 years of age to sell travel. There is no age limit. However, being able to communicate effectively and relevantly via social media networks is essential in today's market. If you aren't comfortable on social media, this likely is not the path for you. You also can't be Grumpy or Dopey. In fact, the only dwarfs that might be successful would be Doc and Happy. :)

Q: How can I cancel my Plussing It Membership?

A: You may initiate canceling your membership by submitting this form.



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