Three Perks to Going SOLO

Jan 05, 2021

“But I may NEVER get to ride Splash Mountain again!” I cried through teary eyes at my kitchen table one evening in late July 2020. With that, I decided to book a trip back to my happy place. I should also mention that I had no one to go with me, and I booked the trip with 6 days notice -- ya know, right after Walt Disney World reopened after the Covid closure. And guess what? That last-minute, mask-wearing, solo trip turned out to be one of my best trips ever!

I guess I should backtrack just a bit. First, the Disney love runs DEEP in me. I was the 11-year-old crying on the back of the ferryboat after leaving Magic Kingdom on the last day of our first trip back in 1994 because I was so incredibly sad that I probably would never return again (it’s been 35 trips since then).

Next, I’m nothing if not sentimental and nostalgic (see above). So, when I heard that Splash Mountain and Spaceship Earth would undergo drastic changes, I was devastated that I might not...

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Jan 04, 2021

New Year, Invigorated Travel Agent!

I simply can't stop raving about last month's Plussing It Launch Box! You probably wouldn't believe all of the mileage that I was able to get with ALL of the items in there and am STILL using, it was for sure the holiday gift that keeps on giving. I knew that the first installment was going to be special, it was the first box AND it was being released right before Christmas, that was going to be magical, but could a follow-up box be as special? What else could Kat POSSIBLY have up her sleeve? (Scratches head curiously...)
WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START THE NEW YEAR! The second box in my subscription series arrived right before the New Year which was impeccable timing. Let's face it, this year has been a colossal, an EPIC pain in the...heart. Right?! 
Hit after hit, cancellation after cancellation, this year has been an emotionally grueling, soul-sucking and financially draining year for Travel Agents especially. While every industry...
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Plussing It Launch Box: December Box Review

Dec 10, 2020
PLUSSING IT LAUNCH BOX: Launching me into a new stratosphere of Travel Agent Awesomeness
I have been a Travel Agent specializing in Disney destinations for a couple of years now. It may sound crazy, but aside from the absolute love of Disney the thing that REALLY drew me to being an agent was the desire to WOW a guest. There are thousands of Travel Agents out there, what can I do to make myself stand out amongst them? That was the question I was constantly asking and using to challenge myself. As a home-based, part-time agent, I'm all about balance, impacting guests positively and uniquely while managing to not let any of the other dozens of balls I'm juggling drop. 
Guests are always on my mind, I'm always on the lookout for a unique guest gift, a special way to say thank you, or something interesting that will keep me top of mind as they start to consider planning for that NEXT trip. Sometimes the ideas are FLOWING, all cylinders are firing and sometimes I feel...
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The Smells of Disney at Home for the Holidays

Dec 04, 2020

My folks were artificial tree people, my Dad worked insanely long hours, working two jobs- so an outing to search for the perfect "real" tree just wasn't in the cards for us. We had LOADS of other really sweet holiday traditions that I remember fondly, but having a real, live, National Lampoon's Christmas tree was never one of them. (Which if we are using Chevy Chase as our measure of success, that's probably a blessing.)

When my husband and I were first married and living in our first, painfully small apartment we decided our first Christmas should be celebrated by buying a live tree. The trip to pick out the tree was fun, the smell of this new, live tree was magnificent and we felt decidedly VERY Hallmark Channel Christmas. However, when EVERY.SINGLE.NEEDLE systematically fell from that tree, hid in carpet fibers, and created an EPIC post-holiday disaster, we decided our real tree days were done. From then on, we would invest in the fullest, biggest, pre-lit and most fake tree...

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'Twas the Night Before Disney

Dec 03, 2020


‘Twas the night before Disney and all through the house,

No one was asleep, too excited for the Mouse!

Our bags were long packed, placed in the car with care,

Trimmed with magical luggage tags, so they too would get there.


The kids tossed with excitement and glee in their beds

While visions of Mickey bars swirled in their heads.

And with me perusing my list and he checking his,

We found how impossible getting rest is.


When all of a sudden the panic struck me.

I jumped up, hit the light, as I needed to see!

I pulled out my trusty planner, checking it twice.

This feeling of dread, it was really not nice!


Touring plans were made, reservations secured

Our days planned to a “T” so we’d never be bored.

The flights were confirmed, the boarding passes in hand

Along with a map of New Fantasyland.


What could I have missed, I have covered it all?

I’d spent 12 months planning so we’d all have a ball.

Some coins for pressed...

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Move Over Tomorrowland, There's a New Slushy in Town

Nov 11, 2020

Frozen Coke fans will be happy to know you can get your fix at TWO locations in the Magic Kingdom! Westward Ho Refreshments is now serving our favorite frozen concoction!

Previously, the only places to score a Frozen Coke in the Magic Kingdom were at the Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland and Prince Eric's Village Market in Fantasyland-where you could add flavored syrups.

When the Magic Kingdom first reopened following the covid-19 closure, the Lunching Pad and Prince Eric's Village Market remained closed. While the Lunching Pad has reopened, its operating hours are severely reduced and it is not open every day. I learned that the hard way. Prince Eric's Village Market remains closed as of this blog post.

On my visit last month, I stopped by the Westward Ho Refreshment booth looking to see if they were still selling a breakfast sandwich-pictured on the above outdated menu photo (they were not) and noticed the Frozen Coke Slushy was added to the menu alongside the Lemonade Slushy that...

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Should You Create a Facebook Group for Your Business?

Oct 12, 2020

Yes. The end. (I typed that as a joke to myself as I head into the 11th hour of the day at my computer and intended to delete it. But... maybe you got a laugh, too! Enjoy a glimpse into my personality.)

Facebook groups are incredible for business,  more so than business pages, and I'll tell you why. They let both you and your ideal customer get personal. Facebook groups are essentially communities, where like-minded people gather to have conversations about a common focus. Unlike on most business pages, you can let your guard down, use slang, be human and make a real and authentic connection with your audience. In other words, it's not all business.

You might be wondering:  "if it's not all business, how does it benefit your business at all?" Good question! It not only benefits your business but it can also propel it further than you've ever imagined with a simple, authentic formula:
Know Like Trust.

You see, inside a Facebook group or "community" (which I refer to mine...

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Reimagined Experience for the WDW 2020 Holiday Season

Sep 08, 2020

BREAKING NEWS from the Walt Disney World Resort!

Official details below, but one thing is for sure, this may be the LEAST CROWDED CHRISTMAS in Disney history! If you are thinking of celebrating the holidays at Disney this year, let us be your travel planning partners! Our services are free when you book your vacation with us. Get the ball rolling with this quick and easy quote form!

"A reimagined holiday celebration will begin Nov. 6, 2020, at Walt Disney World Resort, with the four theme parks, Disney Springs and Disney resort hotels decked for the season. Through Dec. 30, guests will discover seasonal food and drinks at The Most Magical Place on Earth, as well as special merchandise and enchanting new entertainment experiences.

When night falls at Magic Kingdom Park, projection effects will transform Cinderella Castle with a kaleidoscope of designs, including a whimsical Christmas sweater and a regal overlay of red, green and gold ornamentation. The iconic castle will provide...

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